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    2 matches comment cheers Thanks for the quick reply! Ben
    2 matches comment @koeiekat Ik ben niet Ed, maar Erik Spiekermann van Duitsland.
    2 matches comment I can't assist KKat with the info about Ben Balvanz and fontalicious, because I think he has done new and remarkable stuff and wasn't into cloning. But anymway, you are welcome, ipa. Glad, that it helped.
    1 matches comment uploaded image This may be Ben Nathan's version of the Machine - 'BN Machine'.
    1 matches comment It's Chaney.... Hmmmz don't know why the pic doesn't work... (volgens mij ben je trouwens nederlands, dus dat gedoe in het engels is nie echt nodig denk ik :) )
    1 matches comment [quote]@Ben Bates:When I tell people that picture fonts interest me, they often call me a dingbat![/quote] ... tell'm to call you fontbat ... :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13293 Just read about the show in today's Daily Telegraph. I must have seen/read this font on countless occasions but I never knew of it's designer's name/creator. Will have to go down to London's Design Museum whilst the exhibition is on! Cheers Ben Cowell
    1 matches comment Thanks, koeiekat, for the info, I got one step closer. They have diacritics, accents, whatnots for regular writing, but, alas, no phonetic fonts found as of yet. I shall dwell deeper into the site... gotta get my Hungarian dictionary outta the shelf first, though... Ben je nederlander of vlaams, misschien... alleen maar 'n gedachte... Am always nice to cats... meow!

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    Ben Nathan . Ben Palmer external . Bumbayo Font Fabrik external . Font Diner external . Font Duster . Font Fabric external . Font Zone Fonts . Foxy Font Factory . Jester Font Studio . Mike Font . OMEGA Font Labs . The Font Emporium . The Font Farm . Your Own Font Foundry external .

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    Ben Gurion MF Medium
    Ben Day Square
    Ben Franklin™ Initials
    Ben Gurion Medium
    Pulp Fiction Regular
    Kokola One
    Cubist One
    Cubist Two
    Monumental 1
    Monumental 2
    Kokola Normal
    Marshmallow Italic
    Marshmallow Outline
    Marshmallow Regular
    Marshmallow Volume
    BenderHead Regular
    EF Broadway™ Engraved
    SG Stymie™ SB Light
    1984 Hollow
    Avtala Wide
    Capriza Bold
    Cinamon Bold
    Deror Bold
    Goolish Bold
    Laguna Bold
    Musa Full
    Musa Hollow
    Afifonim Black
    Afifonim Medium
    Afifonim Round
    Avtala Condensed
    Avtala Medium
    BN Hazerot Bold
    BN Hazerot Light
    Capriza Heavy
    Capriza Light
    Capriza Medium
    Caspit Medium
    Cinamon Light
    Cinamon Medium
    Concorde Bold
    Concorde Light
    Concorde Medium
    Goolish Medium
    Harmonya Medium
    Karusela Bold
    Karusela Light
    Karusela Medium
    Laguna Medium
    Milizia Black
    Milizia Hollow
    Milizia Regular
    Populist Medium
    Tziporen Bold
    Tziporen Medium
    Deror Medium
    Harmonya Bold
    Harmonya Light
    BN Hazerot Regular
    Dear Diary Complete Family Pack
    American Garamond Roman
    Century Expanded Italic
    Century Oldstyle Italic
    Garamond #3 Bold Italic
    Marshmallow Super Puff
    EF Century™ Schoolbook Regular
    SG Franklin Gothic™ SB Regular
    SG Franklin Gothic™ SH Regular
    Century Old Style Roman
    Musa Demi Hollow
    ITC Bookman 1 Volume
    ITC Bookman 2 Volume
    SG Cheltenham Old Style SB Roman
    Marshmallow Super Puff Italic
    EF News Gothic™ Regular Italic
    ITC Benguiat Gothic™ Heavy
    ITC Bookman® Swash Light Italic
    ITC Benguiat Gothic™ Medium Oblique
    News Gothic™ Bold Extra Condensed
    ITC Benguiat® Cyrillic Bold
    Benton Sans Condensed Volume One
    Benton Sans Condensed Volume Two
    ITC Benguiat Cyrillic Volume
    Benton Modern Display Compressed Bold
    Benton Sans Compressed Bold Italic SC
    Benton Sans Compressed Book Italic SC
    Benton Sans Compressed Extra Light SC
    Benton Sans Compressed Regular Italic
    Benton Sans Compressed Thin Italic SC
    Benton Sans Extra Compressed Black SC
    Benton Sans Extra Compressed Light SC
    Benton Sans Complete Family Pack
    Benton Modern Display Condensed Semibold Italic

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