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    4 matches comment Can anyone identify the font(s) used in the Beauty and the Beast title graphic?
    3 matches comment view details for free font #15140 Font to create Bar Chords
    3 matches comment ok....scratch that....the one i found is a bit different. the one i found which is VERY close is Luna Bar....but it's not quite the same....the uppercase L is sharper in the original image. any ideas??? any help GREATLY appreciated
    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font similar to the one used in the Yorkie bar brand logo. It doesn't have to be exact but I need it to be close enough that I can use it in a parody. I'm most interested in the way the letters are filled. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! This is the logo:
    1 matches comment I am looking for fonts that would have been used in the beauty magazine ads in the 30's, 40's and 50's. Does anyone know where I can find fonts like these? Thanks! Here is an old ad that has the kind of fonts I am looking for: [img:684ee331dd]http://www.ubetcasino.com/old_beauty_poster_2.jpg[/img:684ee331dd]
    2 matches comment any answer mates? i dont know why i did click the link above and it seems to be broken perhaps you can COPY this link www.cybamall.com/thue/choco.gif and PASTE it to the address bar, in that way you will see my question. i will be waitin for your replies
    3 matches comment Did you try this? http://www.google.it/search?hl=it&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&q=%22parsons+italic%22+%2Bfontz&btnG=Cerca&meta= You can also try without "+fontz". You get more sites where it can be downloaded. I once took it from the now very VERY dead funsite24 but Typograf is also complaining about that one. Since they all seem to be the same, no version available etc I guess it wont do you much good. I'm sure it is a defective clone of the Shelly Andante. Clones that are not defective are: English 111 Adagio, Andante, Sheer Beauty and Saffron.
    1 matches comment The handwriting is the Shareware font Luna Bar by Jennifer Dickert.
    1 matches comment This has an architecture look, but the A crossbar is low and so is the middle E bar! Good Luck and Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Maverick, Luna Bar & (may be) Atomic Clock Radio.

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    Black And Beauty Curly
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    Black And Beauty Black
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    Bar Tal MF Black
    Bar Tal MF Bold
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    Bar Yochay MF Bold
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    Charlies Bar BQ JNL
    Black And Beauty Bold Ends B
    Black And Beauty Clean End B
    Black And Beauty Curly Ends B
    Black And Beauty Reg Ends B
    Black And Beauty Black End B
    Foo Bar Inline
    Jackrabbits Bar & Grill
    Bar Tal MF Bold Italic
    Black And Beauty Bold Alt Caps
    Black And Beauty Bold Alt Ends
    Black And Beauty Clean Alt Caps
    Black And Beauty Clean Alt Ends
    Black And Beauty Curly Alt Caps
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    Black And Beauty Black Alt Caps
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    Oyster Bar BTN
    Oyster Bar BTN Bold
    Oyster Bar BTN Cond
    Foo Bar Inline
    Bar CF Bold
    Bar CF Pack
    Bar CF Regular
    Oyster Bar BTN Cond Bold
    Oyster Bar BTN Exp Bold
    Bar Tal Black
    Bar Tal Bold
    Bar Tal Medium
    Bar Tal Bold Italic
    Bar Yochay Bold
    Bar Yochay Regular
    Bramalea Beauty Regular
    Jackrabbits Bar Grill Regular
    Always Black
    Always Condensed
    Always Fat
    Always Light
    Always Pack
    Always Regular
    Ability Black
    Ability Linear 25
    Ability Linear 45
    Ability Regular
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    Arabesque Regular
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    Scriptissimo Forte End
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    Zag Bold
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    Imperial ROB
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    Cooper Hilite Black
    Corinthia ROB Regular
    EF Barbedorâ„¢ Regular SC
    Tourette Extreme
    Noya Supreme Regular
    BarBrawl BB Complete Family Pack
    Beatnik Barbie Regular
    Apocalypso Complete Family Pack

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