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    1 matches comment If it where not for the 'R', there is one that would match and has been cloned under many names. Without claiming to be complete, and apart from differences in kerning and leading these would do the job: Bazouk SSi [© 1990, 1991 FontBank] Bazouk SSK [© 1992 Southern Software Continuum Medium [© 1996, 1997 Brøderbund Software] Danley [© 1997 Elfring Soft Fonts] DicotMedium Regular [© 1990-1993 FontBank] Digital Sans [© 2002 Elsner+Flake] Modaerne Regular [© 1993 WSI] RandyBecker Bold [© 1991-1999 SoftMaker Software] TQF_PCMedium [© 1995 Gerard Berner] Which one is the original? No clue.
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