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    2 matches comment Hi, a close match should be a New Baskerville: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q="new+baskerville" Chose the closesed one, have a look at the differnet shapes of the capital letter C. Bye Bye
    1 matches comment uploaded image Looks almost identical to Baskerville No. 1 SB Medium: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/efscangraphic/baskerville-no-1-sb/med/
    3 matches comment Probably only one type.But what is a Baskerville g doing here I wonder ...
    1 matches comment Better be nice to Ute! Bad picture, reasonable gamble! The typeface you are looking for is the good old Baskerville.
    1 matches comment Baskerville Old Face SC D ? Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment of a font that is similar to 'fry's baskerville roman' or if i can this font free from anywhere?
    1 matches comment No, it is not Mrs.Eaves I'm afraid. The ligatures are very much the same but your sample is a different typeface. Thought Lars Bergquist might have developed the Baskerville 1757 further, but no. And ... also that one is no match, see the 'e'. This may be more complicated than I thought. Maybe Ivan knows ...
    1 matches comment Can any one help me get these fonts? If there is any availability of similar fonts... can any one tell me please? 1. ITC New Baskerville Roman 2. Gill Sans mt Pro Light 3. Gill Sans mt Pro Medium Thanx!
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15821 Os presento mi nueva fuente: Wachinanga, de estilo transicional, con serif, inspirada en la retícula constructiva de una fuente clásica, la Baskerville. Con remates decorativos circulares en las astas, orejas, cintura de la B, brazos, etc para conferirle propiedades decó, el kerning lo he construido completo para mejorar la legilibilidad. deFharo
    1 matches comment For IMAGINE choose one of the Baskervilles For ENTERTAINMENT ---> Univers

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    Baskerville MT
    Baskerville No 2 Bold
    Baskerville No 2 Italic
    Baskerville No 2 Regular
    Baskerville No 2 SemiBold
    Fry\'s Baskerville
    New Baskerville Bold
    New Baskerville Italic
    New Baskerville Roman
    Baskerville Bold
    Baskerville Bold
    Baskerville Bold
    Baskerville Italic
    Baskerville Italic
    Baskerville Italic
    Baskerville Medium
    Baskerville No.2 Bold
    Baskerville No.2 Italic
    Baskerville No.2 Roman
    Baskerville Regular
    Baskerville Roman
    Baskerville SB-Bol
    Baskerville SB-Ita
    Baskerville SB-Roman
    Baskerville SB-Roman SC
    Baskerville TS-Bold
    Baskerville TS-Heavy
    Baskerville TS-Light
    Baskerville TS-Medium
    Baskerville TS-Regular
    Baskerville TS-XBold
    Old Baskerville TS-Bold
    Old Baskerville TS-Heavy
    Old Baskerville TS-Light
    Old Baskerville TS-Medium
    Old Baskerville TS-Regular
    Old Baskerville TS-XLight
    Baskerville 10 Pro
    Baskerville No 2 Bold Italic
    Baskerville No 2 SemiBold Italic
    New Baskerville Bold Italic
    Baskerville Caps
    Baskerville Old Face D
    Baskerville Old Face DC D
    Baskerville Old Face SC D
    Baskerville Serial
    Baskerville Berth BQ Bold
    Baskerville Berth BQ Italic
    Baskerville Berth BQ Medium
    Baskerville Berth BQ Regular
    Baskerville Bold Italic
    Baskerville Bold Italic
    Baskerville Medium Italic
    Baskerville No.2 Bold Italic
    Baskerville Nr1 SB-Bold
    Baskerville Nr1 SB-Ita
    Baskerville Nr1 SB-Med
    Baskerville Nr1 SB-Regular
    Baskerville Nr1 SH-Bold
    Baskerville Nr1 SH-Ita
    Baskerville Nr1 SH-Med
    Baskerville Nr1 SH-Regular
    Baskerville SB-Bol Ita
    Baskerville SB-Bol OsF
    Baskerville SB-Ita OsF
    Baskerville SB-Roman OsF
    Baskerville TS-Demi Bold
    Old Baskerville TS-Demi Bold
    Baskerville 10 Pro Bold
    Baskerville 10 Pro Italic
    Baskerville 10 Pro Medium
    Baskerville 120 Pro
    Baskerville Cyr LTStd-Bold
    Baskerville Cyr LTStd-Incline
    Baskerville Cyr LTStd-Upright
    Baskerville No. 2 Bold
    Baskerville No. 2 Italic
    Baskerville No. 2 Roman
    Baskerville Book BQ Italic
    Baskerville Book BQ Medium
    Baskerville Book BQ Regular
    Baskerville Handcut Bold
    Baskerville Handcut Regular
    Baskerville Old Face Rounded
    Baskerville Pro Bold
    Baskerville Pro Italic
    Baskerville Pro Medium
    Baskerville Pro Regular
    Baskerville Serial Black
    Baskerville Serial Bold
    Baskerville Serial Heavy
    Baskerville Serial Light
    Baskerville Serial Medium
    Baskerville Serial Xbold
    Baskerville Berth BQ Medium Italic
    Baskerville Nr1 SB-Med Ita
    Baskerville Nr1 SH-Med Ita
    Baskerville SB-Bol Ita OsF
    Baskerville 10 Pro Bold Italic

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