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    22 matches comment ? I would purchase the typical fonts for baseball/football lettering as: PRO BLOCK, VARSITY, PIRATES, TIFFANY etc. Anyone can help me where to find them?
    5 matches comment it's been simply hard to find fonts with tails ,like these baseball ones...is that made manually or such fonts does have these tails on their list of carachters? if you know ,please, tell me which fonts are these,ok? thank you =)
    5 matches comment Hello, I'm trying to find a font with a tail at the end, to use it in a blog of cats. I'd like to use a rounded font, but I don't find anything. Any idea?
    1 matches comment Hi i'm looking for the baseball team font, like on the classic satin jacket, with a tail underlining the whole word from the last letter. we usually see it on Yankees, on the baseball official shirt too. Thank you
    3 matches comment Hi, I'd like to know some kinds of fonts with tails,just like these inthe baseball shirts, For example, I´ll attacha pic here ,so I'd like to kno w what is this font,ok? thanks
    1 matches comment i need a baseball font, you know those used for jerseys, i want to make a shirt inspired in baseball designs, and i need them, could you want kind of font i need?
    3 matches comment This is from the Topps baseball card series of 1987. Any guess what the font with the text "matt Williams" would be?
    1 matches comment Well, excuse me, a-hole. In my first post, I asked you guys to send me ALL the NBA teams' fonts and you didn't so I figured I had to post each one of them separately. Oh, but that upsets you... well kiss my lily white ass. And just so you know, I hate cats and I enjoy torturing them. Sometimes I swing them by their tail or I'll tie an M-80 to their tail and light it and watch them run around scared... good times. ;)
    3 matches comment Is this a font or a design? Thanks!

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    Kat Tail HMK Complete Family Pack
    Kat Tail HMK Bold
    Kat Tail HMK Regular
    Novel Gothic
    Dujour™ Regular
    Webdings® Regular
    Fanfare Font
    Woodcut Font
    April Font
    Koloss Regular
    Pericles™ Light
    Pericles™ Regular
    Endurance Family
    Pasadena DemiBold
    Pasadena ExtraBold
    Reiner Regular
    Accent Font
    Nueland Regular
    Pasadena Family
    Pasadena Heavy
    Resonance Black
    Resonance Light
    Resonance Open
    Resonance Regular
    Resonance Semibold
    Digital Font Family
    Quartz Font Family
    Quartz Light Font
    Quartz Medium Font
    Titanium™ Regular
    Sukato Regular
    Geshexport Regular
    Haettenschweiler Regular
    Miramonte™ Italic
    Miramonte™ Regular
    Pasadena ExtraLight
    Amber Regular
    Expressa Regular
    Pericles Family
    Resonance Bold
    BoaScript Regular
    Endurance WGL Black
    Endurance WGL Italic
    Endurance WGL Light
    Endurance WGL Regular
    Handel Gothic Font
    Miramonte™ Bold
    Resonance Font Family
    Amber Italic
    Chinat Regular font
    Balloon Bold
    Bello complete package
    Bello Small Caps
    Endurance Complete Family
    Endurance Condensed Family
    Endurance WGL Bold
    Digital Black Font
    Digital Light Font
    Digital Regular Font
    Circus Poster™ Shadow
    Chinat Light Font
    Philly Sport Script
    Digital Bold Font
    Chinat Bold Font
    Endurance WGL Black Italic
    Endurance WGL Condensed Light
    Endurance WGL Condensed Regular
    Endurance WGL Condensed SemiBold
    Endurance WGL Light Italic
    Miramonte™ Bold Italic
    Ascender Halloween Font Pack
    Endurance Light Black Family
    Endurance WGL Bold Italic
    Endurance WGL Condensed Bold
    HT Gelateria Regular
    HT Trattoria Regular
    Miramonte Complete Family
    Altemus Hands Regular
    Ayita™ Pro Black
    Altemus Sampler Set
    HT Motel Regular
    Sauna Complete Family Pack
    Chinat Font Family
    Ascender Scrapbook Font Pack
    Ayita™ Pro Bold
    Mayberry Volume
    Mayberry® WGL Black
    Mayberry® WGL Bold
    Mayberry® WGL Extrabold
    Mayberry® WGL Italic
    Mayberry® WGL Light
    Mayberry® WGL Regular
    Mayberry® WGL Semibold
    Lebbad Script
    Baucher Gothic Extended Font
    Baucher Gothic Regular Font
    HT Cafe Regular
    HT Pizzeria Regular
    Baucher Gothic Bold Font
    Baucher Gothic Extended Bold Font

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