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    18 matches comment view details for free font #11670 hi, i want to use font planet estyle (id:11670) in my website, but i couldn't make it run, please help me, this is the css code for declare font: @font-face {font-family: "Planet Estyle"; src: url(mydomain/css/PLANE___.TTF) format("truetype"); } thanks for any tip franklin
    4 matches comment People say that cover type of VOGUE is Didot. yes, it appears typical style of Didot / Didone, but, i've try some real types comparing to it, LTF, LT and more versions of Didot, they all fail to match well. i want to know which version of Didot fits more closely to the real cover? Thanks all!
    14 matches comment ? Hello everybody, This is my first post here and I hope that one of you can help. I am trying to figure out what the small body text used on http://www.firstbornmultimedia.com/ is. Does anyone one which font is it and where can it be bought? Thank you very much! Mark
    3 matches comment One of my clients uses the Linotype Didot font family. We proposed some concepts for marketing activity which used some ornaments from the font family. I'm now looking extensively online to try and find inspiration for ornaments use or anything specific on using the Didot ornament cuts but there seems very very little available to digest. Can anyone point me to some resources on ornament usage, preferably contemporary if known? Thanks, Hugo
    2 matches comment Actually the font is Didot. If you look close enough you'll find that the "e"s differ. In Bodoni the e has a straight line on the inner curve. also the the "x" is thinner. Also, the clincher, the a in Bodoni curves out, while in Didot it curves in!!
    1 matches comment Looks like Italian Didot http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/bagraphics/italian-didot/normal/ But it's a commercial font, gotta buy it !
    5 matches comment I wanted to design costumes for my team football. but I do not find the text the same font like this picture. whether there is going to give me this font text from A to Z? thank you and please help me.
    6 matches comment Similar to dafont's feature. AF already has dynamic font preview that is based on the cookies which will not persist for other people. To make sure everyone see the same you can do: [url=http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11769?text=CUSTOM]http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11769?text=CUSTOM instead of http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11769 to preset the dynamic preview to "CUSTOM"
    2 matches comment The font is called QT Bengal. I'll e-mail it to you if you e-mail me at one of the following addresses: aswlive@yahoo.ca storymasterbaron@yahoo.ca asw_scorpion@hotmail.com Always Helpful -------------- Mr. Baron :)[/b:bdc005698a]
    2 matches comment I need help. I need fonts for all NBA teams excluding the following: Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets Washington Wizards Golden State Warriors Orlando Magic can u ppl tell me the names of them if u know? Mr. Baron (asw_scorpion@hotmail.com , aswlive@yahoo.ca)

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    Didot LP Display
    Didot LP Regular
    Didot LTStd-Bold
    Didot LTStd-Headline
    Didot LTStd-Italic
    Didot LTStd-Ornaments
    Didot LTStd-Roman
    Circus Didot
    Fashion Didot
    Baron of Arizona Complete Family Pack
    Fashion Didot Regular
    Didot Display Bold
    Didot Display Demi
    Didot Display Regular
    Didot Headline Bold
    Didot Headline Demi
    Didot Headline Regular
    Italian Didot Normal
    HiH Firmin Didot
    Italian Didot Normal
    Didot LP Display
    Didot LP Regular
    Firmin Didot URW Bold
    Firmin Didot URW Roman
    Didot Display Bold
    Didot Display Demi
    Didot Display Regular
    Didot Headline Bold
    Didot Headline Demi
    URW Firmin Didot Bold
    URW Firmin Didot Roman
    URW Firmin Didot Volume
    Didot LP Complete Family Pack
    Circus Didot Cyrillic + Western Regular
    Didot Headline Regular
    Didot Display Complete Family Pack
    Didot Headline Complete Family Pack
    Linotype Didot Complete Family Pack
    Linotype Didot Complete Family Pack
    P22 Gothic Gothic Regular
    P22 Dearest Set
    After Text
    AZ Text
    LTCGoudy Text
    Matthew\'s Text
    After Text Bold
    After Text Italic
    After Text Light
    Text Regular
    Text Stencil
    Adriane Text
    American Text
    Clarendon Text
    Clarendon Text TF
    Conqueror Text
    Desmond Text
    Europa Text 1
    Goudy Text CS
    Kandt Text
    Letterpress Text
    Narziss Text
    Oksana Text
    Scottsdale Text NF
    Text Book
    Titan Text OT
    Wedding Text
    Wedding Text
    After Text Bold Italic
    After Text Light Italic
    LTCGoudy Text-Lombardic Caps
    Janson® Text 55 Roman SC
    Janson® Text 55 Roman
    Janson® Text 56 Italic
    Janson® Text 75 Bold
    Raldo RE Text
    Adriane Text-Bold
    Adriane Text-Italic
    AF Module Text OT Bold
    AF Module Text OT Regular
    AF Module Text OT Thin
    Bouwsma Text Bold
    Bouwsma Text Italic
    Bouwsma Text Medium
    Bouwsma Text Regular
    Breuer Text Bold
    Breuer Text Light
    Breuer Text Medium
    Breuer Text Regular
    Clarendon Text Bold
    Clarendon Text Bold TF
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    Clarendon Text Italic
    Clarendon Text Italic TF
    Clarendon Text SCOsF
    Conqueror Text Black
    Conqueror Text Bold
    Conqueror Text ExtraBold
    Conqueror Text Italic
    Conqueror Text Medium

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