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    2 matches comment I'm going to have to defend everyone. Although Kat is right, everyone want's something for free, I was overly thankfull just to get the name of the font, my company would have still bought it because we HAD to have it. So yeah this site needs to support the people paying the bills and if any of them were to produce the font in question, then no doubt they should have been the people Tornquist provided a link to. I'm greatful to Tonrquist for saving me time and money, not just because the font turned out to be free, but the amount of time saved by not having to visually search for the font any longer was great. Not being a fontaholic myself, it was painful. I used to participate in many developer forums ( back when I had spare time before I got married ) and I understand the reasoning behind Torn simply being happy to help. I used to learn more trying to help others and getting feedback on my suggestions than I did doing my repetative same old thing all day developing apps. And I would think that if Alex implemented the tip jar in the manner suggested, just as an "if desired" means of showing gratification, it should not detract form the sites supporters. Again, I would have gladly bought any font that turned out to be the one I needed, but I still would have liked to be able to show my gratitude to Torn for pointing me in the right direction. This would have been irregardless of the price of the font. So if the tip jar makes it past powers that be... What would be a reasonable tip?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11344 smiley faces, rollerblades, eight-ball, mashrooms, disco ball, hemp, marijuana leaf, stars, butterflies
    1 matches comment Hi, wondering if anyone can help me determine where I can find this font. Client said it was called Eight Ball. In desperate need. Thanks! URL: http://members.aol.com/cindy0904/mcleod_test.jpg Cindy
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16484 Gaitera Ball is a handwritten typography made with very big spherical tip pen and friendly looking, it is perfect for designing eye-catching titles of manuscript style. The source has short ascenders and descenders and proportional capital letters give a very compact appearance. ========================= FULL VERSION + COMMERCIAL LICENSE: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2zM =========================
    1 matches comment Hi Tophy52, many thanks for the help. I do not think either is on 'the ball' but the Blackjack may fit my needs with a little manipulation. Once again, many, many thanks Regards G
    1 matches comment Kats and fonts? Stick to the ball of wool!
    1 matches comment I'm creating son's baseball team's tournament ball uniforms and I need help! Attached is a picture of the cap they wear. Anyone know what font would match that "A"?
    1 matches comment Trying to make a sign for my work, a non profit food bank, but nobody seems to know who made the logo. I would like for it to match, if possible. Thanks
    1 matches comment Hi Kat, how are you? hope your well. Yes I know I threw you a curved ball not including subject! (I think its the heat getting to me!) I just thought it would have been apt given the fonts feline'ish name if you would have got it first. Kind Regards Gary
    1 matches comment Can someone please help me in getting the font used on the closing credits of "The Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy" starring the late great Lucille Ball?

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    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Butterfool Ball
    LHF Happy Fun Ball Inline
    LHF Happy Fun Ball Regular
    Speed Ball Regular
    Speed Ball Western Letter
    Processual Ball Black
    Processual Ball Light
    Speed Ball Speedball No 1 NF
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Deep Space Big Ball
    Deep Space Meat Ball
    Deep Space Small Ball
    Altemus Games Two
    Sildetas Black
    Sildetas Family
    Sildetas Hairline
    Sildetas Light
    Sildetas Regular
    Sildetas Thin
    Sildetas Bold
    Pauline Didone Black
    Pauline Didone Bold
    Pauline Didone Light
    Pauline Didone Regular
    Pauline Didone Thin
    Aviano Didone Black
    Aviano Didone Bold
    Aviano Didone Family
    Aviano Didone Light
    Aviano Didone Regular
    Aviano Didone Thin
    Aquarius Bold
    Aquarius Light
    Aquarius Medium
    Ryder Gothic Bold
    Ryder Gothic Light
    Ryder Gothic Medium
    Pauline Didone Black Italic
    Pauline Didone Bold Italic
    Pauline Didone Light Italic
    Pauline Didone Regular Italic
    Pauline Didone Thin Italic
    Aviano Contrast Black
    Aviano Contrast Bold
    Aviano Contrast Heavy
    Aviano Contrast Light
    Aviano Contrast Regular
    Aviano Contrast Thin
    Motter Air Regular
    Motter Regatta Regular
    Aquarius Extra Bold
    Clarendon Wide Bold
    Clarendon Wide Medium
    Clarendon Wide Regular
    Clarendon Wide Regular SC
    Clarendon Wide SC Bold
    Clarendon Wide SC Medium
    Clarendon Wide Volume
    Pauline Didone Complete Family Pack
    Altemus Sports One
    Aquarius Complete Family Pack
    Player Complete Family Pack
    Pre Cursive Family
    Orotund Complete Family Pack
    Ryder Gothic Complete Family Pack
    Clarendon Wide Sketch Bold
    Clarendon Wide Sketch Regular
    Clarendon Wide Stencil Bold
    Clarendon Wide Stencil Regular
    AT Move Billiard Thin
    Aviano Contrast Complete Family Pack
    Altemus Games & Sports Set
    P22 Mystic Font Regular
    Altemus Sports Complete Family Pack
    Altemus Games Complete Family Pack
    Doodle Pen Regular
    SG Balloon SB Light Italic

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