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    1 matches comment rai21 at, COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, has been banned.
    1 matches comment well,Writers bold, italic & regular; Lilith.but i downloaded aprox. 150 fonts so i don't know how meny of them work.these are the more important ones.thanks
    1 matches comment I am confused. The Fink Roman font is a part of the Rat Fink collection at House Industries. You cannot find it there? But hey, if koeiekat is willing to share, that beats the $150 asking price.
    1 matches comment Yep Swallow. RETURNTOEARTH (enStep Incorporated), which is Goudy OldStyle expanded to 150%, is probably not installed and not embedded in the document file and is substituted by Word with Microsoft's wingdings.
    2 matches comment ok, I'm gonna stop trying to be nice now ;) I will just let you guys help from the bottom of your heart without any monetary appreciation. I do agree with Kane though. I am not saying it is mandatory to tip, but some people are not broke students like me and they can afford giving you a couple of bucks just for saving them 2 hours of their time which is worth $150/hr to them. But i also understand kat and tornquist, it's nice to be nice. Thanks you guys once again, you keep people happy and make people come back because this site was more than just about making money. ( of course it'd be nice if it would help me pay for tution ;) )
    1 matches comment [quote]@celina:... it looks different than Calligraph421 BT. The P looks different. ...[/quote] Interesting. Can you post an image of that p that is different from the calligraphic 421? Preferably 200 dpi and 150 pix high.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #10606 Quote: "I sent out 150 snailmail and email invitations to mailartists with a graphic design flair asking them to send one character for this eclectic typeface. The font possesses a fragmentary unity that reflects the mail art process, use it anywhere that needs a little postal punkiness."
    1 matches comment I have a PC with O/S ME, Windows Word 2000. How or where can I find information to increase my font sizes? I want to go from a 36, 48, and 72 point to maybe 150, 200 or 250 point. Can anubody please help. Thank You All. jd22usa
    1 matches comment uploaded image Would it be a no-no if I asked for an .eps with the words "Clinic for Women" typed out in this font and converted to curves? I don't want the font itself, it's just that I can't afford to pay $100-$150 dollars for the font when I only need three words. If that would be acceptable to forum rules, somebody please shoot me a message. If not, please disregard. Thanks!
    1 matches comment Well, thats a problem, I see. Maybe you like Psychatronic. If you have real money left try Ed Interlock from the Ed Benguiat-collection by House.

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