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    6 matches comment Hi, I created a logo for my business and am certain i downloaded the font off this site. the font is called 'Reprise Stamp' I have lost this font, and when i search for it on this site to get it back it finds 0 matches for reprise stamp. someone please help!
    11 matches comment view details for free font #2089 This font requires some repairs! I tried putting it in the Fonts folder, but that didn't work!
    5 matches comment Hi there, Hope everybody is well. I am looking for a font that looks like a postage stamp. In other words the letters have perforated edges. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks ever so much, Gav
    6 matches comment dear friends kindly gv me WinSoftPro Medium arabic font
    3 matches comment Where can I find a FREE font that resembles a stamped-on expiration date (like those found on eggs, milk, and such)? It must include mumbers, not just letters. FF Stamp Gothic and Realstamp seemed like just the thing, but they're $40 a piece!
    2 matches comment I am trying to find Helvetica Medium in true type font. I thought it would be simple but NO. I have about 20000 fonts and no helvetica medium. I have HelveticaNeueLT-Medium. Is that it? Any help would be appreciated.
    4 matches comment I have a client who wants a look similar to ITC Modern No. 216 Medium, but without the huge price tag, any suggestions? TIA.
    3 matches comment ok, Look at the temperatures.. I am looking for this font. My local news said it was called Art House MD/ Art House and I tried finding it on google, but no such luck. Can you help me identify this and possibly make it? I'd be more than willing to advertise your site for this! Thank you! Mike
    5 matches comment This elegant font is featured on many record covers. Does anybody know the name?

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    anke-art .

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    DB Post Stamp
    Rubber Stamp LET
    Rustic Stamp
    Stamp Of Approval JNL
    Lino Stamp Bold
    FF Stamp Gothic Regular
    Rustic Stamp Regular
    Catenary Stamp
    FF Stamp Gothic Bold Italic
    Meposa Stamp
    Nanquim Stamp
    Newsletter Stamp
    Soap Stamp
    FF Stamp Gothic Offc Regular
    Meposa Stamp
    Soap Stamp
    Secca Art Std Medium
    KG Something to Believe In Regular
    Nanquim Stamp
    PiS Neo Print M319 Stamp
    Art Nouveaux Medium
    Belwe™ Medium
    Edwardian™ Medium
    Edwardian™ Medium
    Edwardian™ Medium Italic
    Transat Medium
    ITC Benguiat® Medium
    ITC Tiffany™ Medium
    Ryder Gothic Medium
    ITC Tiffany™ Medium Italic
    Transat Medium Oblique
    ITC Benguiat Gothic™ CE Medium
    ITC Benguiat Gothic™ Medium
    ITC Benguiat® Medium Italic
    ITC Tiffany™ Medium Italic
    ITC Benguiat® Condensed Medium
    Paris Serif Medium
    ITC Benguiat Gothic™ CE Medium Oblique
    ITC Benguiat Gothic™ Medium Oblique
    ITC Benguiat® Condensed Medium Italic
    Art Nouveau 2 BA
    Aldrans Medium
    Art Gothic Hi H
    Road Art
    Polytype Art Decorated Art Deco One
    Polytype Art Decorated Art Deco Two
    Art Nouveau-BA
    Art Nouveaux MF
    Art School
    Display Art One
    Display Art Three
    Display Art Two
    Mission Art
    Modern Art NF
    Aldrans Medium Alt
    Aldrans Medium Family
    Road Art Dingbats
    Be Medium
    Or Medium
    Ketamine One Medium
    Potentiali Medium
    ShuliCurly Medium
    Amit Medium
    Ashoor Medium
    Assaf Medium
    Batish Medium
    Be Noam Medium
    Belet Medium
    disel Medium
    Elizov Medium
    Eser Medium
    Esthetic Medium
    Exodus Medium
    Gadush Medium
    Grotesque Medium
    Haklaut Medium
    Hamburger Medium
    Hofesh Medium
    Humanist Medium
    Ibis Medium
    Korinty Medium
    Krashim Medium
    Liti Medium
    Maya Medium
    Missy Medium
    Napoli Medium
    Oceanus Medium
    Ohadim Medium
    Paris Medium
    Pikanti Medium
    Pitball Medium
    Plugim Medium
    Programa Medium
    Roman Medium
    Sapir Medium
    Shabazi Medium
    Sheli Medium
    Shishki Medium
    Single Medium
    Start Up Medium

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