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    12 matches comment I need a freeware, free license, freely used, free, no cost version of these Roman Capitals with the geometric construction circles and outlines. Does anyone know where I can find a free version of this? Thanks!
    1 matches comment Let’s say Arno Pro.
    11 matches comment Hello...I'm looking for a free font similar to Algerian. I especially like the shape of the "A". I would like it to not have the second shadow line. Thanks.. ~Joanne F.
    11 matches comment uploaded image Hi, I'd like to share these free Chinese fonts. They are really cool. http://www.clearchinese.com/resources/fonts.htm Bye :-)
    2 matches comment uploaded image - I'm hoping you can help me identify the 2 fonts in the attached document. - I was told that it was Minion Pro (Regular and Semibold Italics), but some of the ligatures and extensions do not match Minion Pro or any other font I can find. Please note the way the "f" and "i" in "find" flow together, and the double "ff" flourish. This differs from the original Adobe Minion Pro font:. If this is a bootlegged font, it's awfully sophisticated. - Eagerly awaiting your reply, and with thanks!
    2 matches comment yea i have no idea what that means.. I set the, i think they're called bearings that make the spacing but its static. in Arno Pro Regular, if i type Th and Ty the T changes for sure.
    9 matches comment I had this font free before. Now after installing windows it just disappeared........................... I've tried looking for it and you get so many sites that say the font s free and when you click download it directs you to a non free font site where it's costs 80 pounds somebody helllllp.
    11 matches comment You can not and should not. Helvetica Neue is a commercial font.
    9 matches comment I've been scouring the net for free versions of the fonts used in the Fancy Nancy books. I've located "Andes," which is similar to "Plaza" (used to write "Nancy,") but I can't find a free font similar to "Fontesque" (used to write "Fancy.") Anyone know of a free font (here or elsewhere) that comes close to "Fontesque?"

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    Arno Pro-Smbd
    Arno Pro-Smbd Caption
    Arno Pro-Smbd Display
    Arno Pro-Smbd Italic
    Arno Pro-Smbd Sm Text
    Arno Pro-Smbd Subhead
    Arno Pro-Smbd Italic Caption
    Arno Pro-Smbd Italic Display
    Arno Pro-Smbd Italic Sm Text
    Arno Pro-Smbd Italic Subhead
    Arno Pro-Bold
    Arno Pro-Caption
    Arno Pro-Display
    Arno Pro-Italic
    Arno Pro-Regular
    Arno Pro-Sm Text
    Arno Pro-Subhead
    Arno Pro-Bold Caption
    Arno Pro-Bold Display
    Arno Pro-Bold Italic
    Arno Pro-Bold Sm Text
    Arno Pro-Bold Subhead
    Arno Pro-Italic Caption
    Arno Pro-Italic Display
    Arno Pro-Italic Sm Text
    Arno Pro-Italic Subhead
    Arno Pro-Light Display
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It
    Arno Pro-Bold Italic Caption
    Arno Pro-Bold Italic Display
    Arno Pro-Bold Italic Sm Text
    Arno Pro-Bold Italic Subhead
    Arno Pro-Light Italic Display
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It Subh
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd Subh
    Arno™ Semibold
    Arno™ Caption Semibold
    Arno™ Display Semibold
    Arno™ Semibold Italic
    Arno™ SmText Semibold
    Arno™ Subhead Semibold
    Arno™ Caption Semibold Italic
    Arno™ Display Semibold Italic
    Arno™ SmText Semibold Italic
    Arno™ Subhead Semibold Italic
    Novel Pro SemiBold
    Ayita™ Pro SemiBold Italic
    Novel Pro SemiBold Italic
    ACaslon Pro-Semibold
    AJenson Pro-Semibold
    AJenson Pro-Semibold It
    Mayberry Pro Semibold
    Novel Sans Pro SemiBold
    Vidange Pro SemiBold
    Mayberry Pro Semibold Italic
    Novel Sans Pro SemiBold Italic
    Vidange Pro SemiBold Italic
    ACaslon Pro-Semibold Italic
    AJenson Pro-Semibold Capt
    AJenson Pro-Semibold Disp
    AJenson Pro-Semibold It Capt
    AJenson Pro-Semibold It Disp
    AJenson Pro-Semibold It Subh
    AJenson Pro-Semibold Subh
    Brioso Pro-Semibold
    Brioso Pro-Semibold It
    Chaparral Pro-Semibold
    Chaparral Pro-Semibold It
    Cronos Pro-Semibold
    Cronos Pro-Semibold It
    Myriad Pro-Semibold
    Myriad Pro-Semibold It
    Sanvito Pro-Semibold
    Sava Pro-Semibold
    Warnock Pro-Semibold
    Warnock Pro-Semibold It
    Sava™ Pro Semibold
    Freight Big Pro Semibold
    Freight Disp Pro Semibold
    Freight Micro Pro Semibold
    Freight Sans Pro Semibold
    Freight Text Pro Semibold
    Interval Sans Pro SemiBold
    Photina® Semibold
    Brioso Pro-Semibold Capt
    Brioso Pro-Semibold Disp
    Brioso Pro-Semibold It Capt
    Brioso Pro-Semibold It Disp
    Brioso Pro-Semibold It Subh
    Brioso Pro-Semibold Subh
    Chaparral Pro-Semibold Capt
    Chaparral Pro-Semibold Disp
    Chaparral Pro-Semibold It Capt
    Chaparral Pro-Semibold It Disp
    Chaparral Pro-Semibold It Subh

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