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    11 matches comment Hi everybody... I recently had a dying hard drive.. My husband was a sweetie who backed up my PC for me, and changed to a different hard drive. He forgot to back up my fonts. :( For the last few weeks, I've been seeking out my missing fonts as best as I can, But I cannot for the life of me find some of them. The latest missing font is : "SentryBlack" You can see an example of it in the text on these designs. http://www.cafepress.com/ballnchainjm If at all possible, I'd like the exact same font, so that I do not have to redo my shirts, but a very very similar one may work for this design, as not much was done in raster. Any help will be appreciated!
    5 matches comment I desperately need to find a free version very similar to Yearbook Outline. Can anyone help??? It looks like the abovwe image.
    2 matches comment Fonts can't have a visible outline - it's a feature of fontmaking. So there're no fonts with two colours. What you see ist the filling. When you think of "outline-fonts" with a hollow area - the "outline" is not a real outline too, it's the filling of the letter. The rest is transparent and cannot be filled with colour. For to get the desired effekt you have to use a programm like CorelDraw or Freehand or Illustrator. There you can add an outline in any colour to any font. There's no other way to get the effect. Ute
    2 matches comment There's a font - Commercial Pi : All the symbols in black and in outline versions. If you can't find him in the web: when I'm back at home tonight, I can help you. Ute
    1 matches comment sorry can u get a black and white outline on that fonts 2?:p :p
    3 matches comment Hello all, I am looking for an outline only version of the Crillee font so I can purchase a copy. I have searched the net with no luck. Could you please show me where I can find one? Thank you, ken
    5 matches comment Like every other fontaholic, I'm looking for a particular font. It was the title for the movie 'The Black Stallion'. It is a very Arabic style with a nice flourish on the 'S'. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/primitive_cave_girl2002/detail?.dir=5c86&.dnm=4522.jpg&.src=ph If that link doesn't work, please let me know, I really need to find this font. Thanks a bunch, Raven Mane
    5 matches comment I am looking for a font that looks similar like OLNewsbytes black. Thx in advance
    5 matches comment Anybody know what the font is on the cover of The Black Parade CD by My Chemical Romance? I really love that font and want it!! somebody on the My Chemical Romance Forum said that the font was Broken 3897 but I cant find that font anywhere! Please help!?! I've attached a picture of the font incase people dont know what it looks like. EDITED by alex: The font called The Chemical Parade http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/12747
    6 matches comment ... I was finally able to figure out where I had installed it from originally, and that was from release 9.0 of the CorelDraw suite. Alas my old program CD for release 9 has a crack, and I cannot pull the font from it. Does anyone have a copy of version 9.0 of CorelDraw? Thanks, Cate

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    Trumen Outline Black Italic
    Nimbus Sans Novus Outline Black (D)
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    Swiss 721 Black Outline
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    Trumen Outline Black Italic
    Nimbus Sans Novus Outline D Black
    Blue Goblet Serif Outline Black
    Cooper Black™ Outline Bold Condensed (D)
    Fiendstar Outline
    Mehriban Outline
    Scrap Outline
    EF Cooper Black™ Bold Condensed Outline
    RM Smoothsans Outline
    EF Cooper Black™ Bold Outline
    EF Cooper Black™ CE Bold Outline
    EF Cooper Black™ Turkish Bold Outline
    Watch Outline
    EF Cooper Black™ Turkish Bold Condensed Outline
    Parthenon Black
    NEW Outline
    Mekon Outline Alternate
    EF Cooper Black™ CE Bold Condensed Outline
    Gothic Outline Title D
    Tuba Outline
    Fiendstar Outline
    Mauve Outline
    Linotype Rough™ Outline
    Fat Albert BT Outline
    Stemplate Outline
    Publicity™ Gothic Outline
    Gothic Outline Title (D)
    Escript™ Narrow Bold Outline
    Pillow Talk Black
    Technö-Outline Regular
    Tenner Outline
    ACTStern Outline
    Altdeutsch Outline
    LifeAfterCollege Outline
    PowerStation Outline
    StreetArtist Outline
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    PL Torino Outline
    Element 15-Outline
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