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    1 matches comment Total Property is the Apple Textile, a Mac system font. For PC it is the Lucida Big Casual.
    1 matches comment Try these: 1.Lucida Big Casual T Demi Italic 2.Textile(Apple)
    4 matches comment What is the closest match to Apple Chancery - do not have a MAC - need for PC. Looks like Lucida Calligraphy - need thoughts on this. Thanks
    2 matches comment Hi guys! Anyone have Lucida Casual? I bought a font package online tonight, but dont think I can wait on this one. I would appreciate it! Thanks Smiley
    2 matches comment do u kno house casual font clones that u don't have to pay for wen you want to download?
    2 matches comment Hey- Here's Apple Garamond. http://www.dafont.com/en/search.php?nq=1&q=apple+garamond It was never released commercially by Bitstream, if you're at all interested. Messily, -Tørnquist
    1 matches comment i'm looking for a free version of photina casual and can't find it. I downloaded this before but don't have the site address anymore. I read someone's posting that there is an italian site that has it but the link was no good. Please, please help me!!!!:(
    1 matches comment I'll have a look at the easy one but in the mean time here is the hard one: EF Nevison Casual.
    3 matches comment view details for free font #12002 This is one for an apple ...
    3 matches comment I need to identify this font today if possible. Customers says it is a microsoft font.

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    Janda Apple Cobbler Set
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    Nevision Casual EF
    Casual Script
    Scrap Casual
    dearJoe 5 Casual Pro
    Domâ„¢ Casual Cyrillic Casual
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    Casual Brush
    Chalk Casual
    Chalk Casual Two
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    Dom Casual
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    Heberling Casual NF
    Nevison Casual D
    Zar Casual
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    Casual Friday JNL
    Casual Lunch JNL
    Chalk Casual Two-Italic
    Chalk Casual-Italic
    Dom Casual Bold
    Dom Casual D Bold
    Dom Casual D Regular
    Dom Casual Medium
    Dom Casual SB-Bold
    Dom Casual SB-Italic
    Dom Casual SB-Regular
    Dom Casual SH-Bold
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    Dom Casual SH-Regular
    Draftsman Casual B-Regular
    Draftsman Casual F-Regular
    Draftsman Casual HB-Regular
    Falcon Casual Bold
    Falcon Casual-Regular
    Heberling Casual NF Bold
    Nevison Casual SB-Regular
    Nevison Casual SH-Regular
    Slack Casual Bold
    Slack Casual Medium
    P22 Casual Script
    SCRIPT1 Toon Casual
    Aqua Casual
    Blambot Casual Bold
    Blambot Casual Italic
    Lucida Casual EF Italic
    Lucida Casual EF Roman
    PIXymbols Casual Bold
    PIXymbols Casual Italic
    PIXymbols Casual Regular
    Dom Casual D Bold Italic
    Dom Casual D Regular Italic
    Dom Casual SB-Bold Italic
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    PIXymbols Casual Light Regular
    San Remo Casual SG-Regular
    P22 Casual Script SC
    URW Dom Casual Volume
    GG Casual Complete Family Pack
    DearJoe 5 Casual Family
    Domâ„¢ Casual Bold

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