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    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, this typeface is very strange and it's might be unknown to all other readers here. Note the combination of the letters l, g, R. It's very exotic. No chance? No! Try reverse engineering: Search a PDF like: http://www.copla-holding.nl/photo/10693/Een_expert_aan_het_woord.pdf and look at the properties -> fonts: ,,Akkurat'' and then search for Akkurat: http://www.lineto.com/The+Fonts/Font+Categories/Text+Fonts/Akkurat/ This should always be your first step: Examine the files (PDF, PSD, PS, EPS ... ) for fontnames! Bye Bye
    2 matches comment Mono-Plate Inc. Looking for name of font....I think it might be bauhaus
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11773 You do NOT have my permission to mirror this font "Everson Mono Unicode" on your site or to distribute it. Please remove this font from you site immediately, and get back to me to confirm that you have done so. Today is 2011-05-08
    1 matches comment You could try the Leftist Mono Serif.
    1 matches comment Hi, Look at tdBastard Mono by Lorenzo Geiger/Typewerk: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/typewerk/td-bastard/ Bye bye
    1 matches comment My Everson Mono fonts are shareware (not that most people pay), and the most current versions of my fonts are always on my own website. I would prefer that you link to my fonts, not host the fonts yourself, since I update them. See http://www.evertype.com/emono
    1 matches comment Rotis Semiserif & Serif, commercial font, no free equivalent. Leftist Mono Serif would be similar and free.

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    Ascender Mono Complete Family Pack
    Mono EF Cut
    Mono EF Hazy
    Mono EF Stochastic
    Skyhook Mono
    Walker Mono
    OliveGreen Mono Bold
    OliveGreen Mono Italic
    OliveGreen Mono Light
    OliveGreen Mono Medium
    OliveGreen Mono Regular
    Andale Mono
    Arete Mono
    Asvet Mono
    Belwe Mono LET
    Bistro Mono
    Decima Mono
    FR Pasta Mono
    Heptagroan Mono
    Mickey Mono
    Mono Amono NF
    Mono Chix
    Mono Condensed
    Mono Exolia
    Mono Hexular
    Mono Iltra
    Mono Litrox
    Mono Neox
    Mono Orxith
    Mymra Mono
    Quartz Mono M
    Segoe UI Mono
    Tribe Mono
    OliveGreen Mono Bold Italic
    OliveGreen Mono Light Italic
    OliveGreen Mono Medium Italic
    Skyhook Mono Bold
    Skyhook Mono Italic
    Skyhook Mono Light
    Skyhook Mono Medium
    Skyhook Mono Thin
    Skyhook Mono Upright
    Belwe Mono Italic LET
    Bistro Mono Bold
    Decima Mono Bold
    Decima Mono Italic
    Decima Mono Light
    Default Mono Normal
    Default Mono Oblique
    DF Staple Mono Bold
    DF Staple Mono Heavy
    DF Staple Mono Medium
    DF Staple Mono Regular
    DF-Staple Mono-Black
    EB Base Mono Book
    EB Base Mono Cursive
    Fedra Mono Bold
    Fedra Mono Book
    Fedra Mono Light
    Fedra Mono Medium
    Fedra Mono Normal
    FR Pasta Mono Dekor
    FR Pasta Mono Extrude
    Heptagroan Mono-Bold
    Interstate Mono Black
    Interstate Mono Bold
    Interstate Mono Light
    Interstate Mono Regular
    Manual Mono Regular
    Manual Mono Tf-Bold
    Manual Mono Tf-Italic
    Manual Mono Tf-Regular
    Manual Mono-Bold
    Manual Mono-Italic
    Mono Condensed Bold
    Mono Condensed Italic
    Mymra Mono Bold
    Mymra Mono Light
    PF Din Mono Bold
    PF Din Mono Italic
    PF Din Mono Light
    PF Din Mono Medium
    PF Din Mono Regular
    PF Din Mono Thin
    PF Din Mono XThin
    Segoe UI Mono Bold
    Cash Point Mono
    Quartz Mono Regular
    Skyhook Mono Bold Italic
    Skyhook Mono Bold Upright
    Skyhook Mono Light Italic
    Skyhook Mono Light Upright
    Skyhook Mono Medium Italic
    Skyhook Mono Medium Upright
    Skyhook Mono Thin Italic
    Skyhook Mono Thin Upright
    Segoe UI Mono Family
    Lucida Mono EF Bold
    Lucida Mono EF Italic
    Lucida Mono EF Roman

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