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    antenna thin-146 antenna medium-314

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    1 matches comment Hi, already tried looking for this on the web.. But found nothin at all. Can anyone help me?
    1 matches comment Don't worry, not afraid of an argument. I said this is not a font but a mess because it is just a shameless deformation of some Garamond faces. If you want to call it a typeface thats fine with me. But it aint.
    2 matches comment [quote:7ae4899402="alex"] why didn't you like the steelfish font that uteS suggested? It looks pretty close as well, and you can get it for free... the one that you found is sweet looking too but it aint free, and you prolly know htere is nothing better than free ;) [/quote:7ae4899402] I did like the Steelfish font, and I download it. For that, I am grateful to ol' ute, but I need both fonts. Thanks for the other font, Ute. Where'd you get it??? Edit: Nevermind, stupid question. ;)

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