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    4 matches comment I received an email from someone downloading my fonts: " I know you aren’t font tech help line, but have never been able to get a PC to recognize your fonts even though they are TTF’s. Any ideas? When I load them (they are recognized as TTF icons) they are not recognized by Adobe and when I double click the font I get an empty font page. Any ideas? Be more than happy to donate if I can use them." I have never heard this before, do you guiys know what could be happening? They of course work in my Adobe, and others that I know of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    3 matches comment Once i've downloaded a Font, how do I make it useable in Adobe Photoshop? I'm sure ive done it before but I cant mange it this time!
    4 matches comment Anyone know the designer of this font? Need to find out it's history for an Adobe Illustrator Class. Thanks
    5 matches comment Toni, The line below use to be down in a way called Handlettering with French Curves, Rapidograph pens, steady hands and a lot of time and effort. To achieve this same effect today, most can use a program called Adobe Illustrator - outline the type and pull, stretch, add, take away points till they get the desired effect. Corel and Photoshop are paint programs -- Illustrator is just what it says it is - illustration. And it comes with wonderful filters - including perspectives - like above.
    2 matches comment That J is common with the Caslons. More significant is the d which you find in a.o. the Adobe Caslon Regular. Not a match though. The dot on the j is too high up. This may ask for some digging ...
    2 matches comment Uwe, the character map can be publicly viewed but is NOT in the public domain. It is only showing (part of) the content of the font-file and thus copyrighted. Adobe considers what you suggest theft of intellectual property. Their property. And they do not tend to have a friendly approach to thieves of their property. So, unless you are eager to confront the Adobe Gray Suits - who have yet to loose a case - you'd better not.
    1 matches comment the brush stroke is one of the defaults for Adobe Illustrator, so it's author's signature drawn with a tablet in Adobe Illustrator.
    1 matches comment That's Adobe's Critter
    3 matches comment view details for free font #11654 Everything he bought to give the first company - he gave the second, the third, etc. etc. Fonts are considered software - it is all that is copyrighted on them - or so I've been informed. Adobe and Quark had a field day.
    3 matches comment That's Adobe Spumoni, but kkat is right, you kids are so lazy to even post a picture here. This is the last time I'm answering to a "no pic" request.

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    Adobe Garamond™ Titling Capitals
    Adobe Garamond™ Bold Expert
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    Adobe Jenson™ Bold Italic Caption
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    Adobe Jenson™ Bold Italic Subhead
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    Ocean Sans Complete Family Pack (Adobe)
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    ITC Highlander Volume (Adobe)
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    Futura Complete Family Pack Adobe
    Adobe Garamond Expert Volume
    Bembo Complete Family Pack (Adobe)
    Gill Sans Complete Family Pack Adobe
    Adobe Wood Type 3 Volume
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    ITC Franklin Gothic Complete Family Pack Adobe
    ITC Legacy Complete Family Pack (Adobe)
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    Kamono Kana Standard Combo
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    Khaki™ 1
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    Bundesbahn™ Pi 3

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