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    1 matches comment Please, I just need[/i:e2a9b4a56e] it for a school project. The thing is I have to recreate a paragraph from the Harry Potter books, but not using one of those cheap Harry potter fonts, but the font that is used in the books. And it's "Adobe Garamond Regular". If you have it I will be VERY, VERY appreciated if you could send it to me. Thanks in advance
    5 matches comment Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knows of a free (preferably open-source) font very similar to Garamond? I am specifically looking for a font with proper Bold, Italic, and Bold-Italic versions. All possible suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks so much! Etienne
    1 matches comment Hola, Adobe Garamond Bold Chau.
    1 matches comment Hello, Do yoo know where I can get the following fonts free. I can't really afford to buy them as I've seen their prices. Besides that, I will be only using them for a short while for my project. -Garamond (Just Garamond) -Garamond-Bold -Aquaduct Plain -Treefrog THanks.
    4 matches comment I received an email from someone downloading my fonts: " I know you aren’t font tech help line, but have never been able to get a PC to recognize your fonts even though they are TTF’s. Any ideas? When I load them (they are recognized as TTF icons) they are not recognized by Adobe and when I double click the font I get an empty font page. Any ideas? Be more than happy to donate if I can use them." I have never heard this before, do you guiys know what could be happening? They of course work in my Adobe, and others that I know of. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    3 matches comment Hey- Here's Apple Garamond. http://www.dafont.com/en/search.php?nq=1&q=apple+garamond It was never released commercially by Bitstream, if you're at all interested. Messily, -Trnquist
    1 matches comment SIT is the Citadel Script. ENG looks like Garamond SmallCaps.
    1 matches comment Hello Similar with Adobe Garamond. Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment Noticed the high x-height in almost all of these typefaces? I would have gone for the ITC Garamond instead of the Adobe ...

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    Adobe Garamond
    Adobe Garamond Bold
    Adobe Garamond Italic
    Adobe Garamond Semibold
    Adobe Garamond Bold Italic
    Adobe Garamond Semibold Italic
    Garamond Three Bold
    Garamond Three Italic
    Garamond Three Medium
    Garamond Premr Pro
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd It
    Garamond Premr Pro-It
    ITC Garamond Complete Family Pack Adobe
    Garamond Three Bold Italic
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd It Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd It Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd It Subh
    Garamond Premr Pro-Bd Subh
    Garamond Premr Pro-Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-It Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-It Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-It Subh
    Garamond Premr Pro-Lt Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Lt It Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med It
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It
    Garamond Premr Pro-Subh
    ITC Garamond Bold
    ITC Garamond Book
    ITC Garamond Light
    ITC Garamond Ultra
    Simoncini Garamond Std
    Stempel Garamond Bold
    Stempel Garamond Italic
    Stempel Garamond Roman
    Adobe Garamond Volume
    Garamond Std-Handtooled Bold
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med It Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med It Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med It Subh
    Garamond Premr Pro-Med Subh
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It Capt
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It Disp
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd It Subh
    Garamond Premr Pro-Smbd Subh
    Adobe Garamond Expert Volume
    Garamond #3 Bold
    Garamond #3 Italic
    Garamond #3 LT Bold
    Garamond #3 LT Italic
    Garamond #3 LTStd
    Garamond #3 Roman
    Garamond 3 Volume
    ITC Garamond Bold Italic
    ITC Garamond Book Italic
    ITC Garamond Cond Bold
    ITC Garamond Cond Book
    ITC Garamond Cond Light
    ITC Garamond Cond Ultra
    ITC Garamond Light Italic
    ITC Garamond Narrow Bold
    ITC Garamond Narrow Book
    ITC Garamond Narrow Light
    ITC Garamond Narrow Ultra
    ITC Garamond Ultra Italic
    Simoncini Garamond Std-Bold
    Simoncini Garamond Std-Italic
    Adobe Garamond Complete Family Pack
    Garamond Std-Handtooled Bold Italic
    Garamond #3 Bold Italic
    Garamond Premier Bold
    Garamond Premier Caption
    Garamond Premier Display
    Garamond Premier Italic
    Garamond Premier Medium
    Garamond Premier Roman
    Garamond Premier Semibold
    Garamond Premier Subhead
    Garamond Premier Volume
    Garamond #3 LT Bold Italic
    Simoncini Garamond Volume
    ITC Garamond Cond Bold Italic
    ITC Garamond Cond Book Italic
    ITC Garamond Cond Light Italic
    ITC Garamond Cond Ultra Italic
    ITC Garamond Narrow Bold Italic
    ITC Garamond Narrow Book Italic
    ITC Garamond Narrow Light Italic
    ITC Garamond Narrow Ultra Italic
    Garamond Premier Bold Caption

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