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    7 matches comment ! Does anyone know what font the acronym BRI, commonly used for wedding invitations, is short for? Thanks!
    6 matches comment Hello, My fiancee and I are trying to match the font on our wedding invitations for our envelopes. Can anyone please help us ID the fonts that I have included in the attached image? I have provided full A-Z font samples as well as some sample names. We need the block-style font for the addresses on the outer evenlopes and the script-style font for the inner envelopes. Thank you in advance for your help! I can't express how much we appreciate it.
    6 matches comment Hi. I've been trying to identify this font. I've been seeing around quite a bit and I kinda like it. Can anyone help?
    3 matches comment Hi All, I have I font I want to use for my wedding invitation. It's by Carlson Craft and the code is FLR. If anyone can tell me the name of the font (or how to get it) I would greatly appreciate it. I've attached an example of the script. Anything similar to it might help as well. Thanks in advance.
    4 matches comment Please help. The t is quite distinctive!
    4 matches comment Hi can anyone please help me identify this pretty font?
    2 matches comment Hi can someone please help me identify this font to download. I would love to match the mailing address labels to the return address labels for my wedding invitations. Thank You
    4 matches comment ? Can anyone help me find a free version of citadel script, for use on my save-the-date cards and my invitations? I really appreciate your help!!!
    2 matches comment Hi there take a look at my reply to a previouse thread. cool font that I used for a design for a friends wedding. link to thread BiG Good Luck on your happy day:)
    3 matches comment view details for free font #11898 This is gorgeous. Very lovely font!

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