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    1 matches comment Did you ever look in the Circus dept? Pointedly Mad looks like it.
    4 matches comment No, truly, we're going mad at finding it. We – that's the usual me and a couple of colleagues – all know the font. We've seen it before. One of us says he even used it some years ago. Still, we cannot remember its name. Can you?
    1 matches comment First off i just got a new comp with windows xp, my last OS was windows ME and I could add fonts and they would show up in every program... Now when i add fonts to my windows fonts folder they never appear an any programs...not a one!! Im getting mad please i need a solution! I make websites so having fonts is important and this is my fav place to go for fonts but its no good to add fonts when they dont show up in programs such as banner designers photoshop, and even microsoft word!! Please help me getting mad and desperate -RaatBo-e :mad:
    3 matches comment Hi, I would like to know BOTH fonts used in this image. Your help is appreciated. Paul
    1 matches comment Please HELP ME!!![/i:1636a5f189][/b:1636a5f189] I need to get this two fonts: -Megadeth's - The World Needs A Hero style font -Helvetica[/b:1636a5f189] Do you know where I can find them?:confused: Btw... :mad: MEGADETH ROCKS!!! :mad:
    1 matches comment Hi- This was tough but I'm pretty damn sure that it's Supernatural. http://www.dafont.com/en/search.php?nb_ppp=40&texte=DESIGN&nq=1&q=supernatural I hope that's close enough! Pointedly, -Trnquist
    2 matches comment thats what I was getting at, what emotion Icons (or smiles, or gremalins, Icons or what ever you like to call them) can you use on this site?? there does not seem to be any where that seems to tee me/us :( :mad: and the ones that I am using are probably on there too ;) :cool:
    1 matches comment ? view details for free font #3809 VAGA BONE MAD ME
    1 matches comment Thats confusing. You ask for a capital E and you mean the ampersand. Next time pse say what you want. Saves me a search.:mad:
    1 matches comment I found the bottom one: Florens Flourished. Too bad i couldn't find it for free... :mad:

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