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    1 matches comment The p, a, s, and h look like subtle variations on Curlz MT, but they're not an exact match. The S is similar to Kristen ITC, and the l could have come from anywhere. I'm guessing this was hand-lettered.
    6 matches comment Help ~ I'm trying to find a free font that is like ITC zapf chancery italic. Can anyone help me with this?? :confused:
    1 matches comment Buy Now = Kristen, Shop = Lucida.
    4 matches comment Hello, I am looking for ITC Grizzly font for Windows. Can anyone help, please? Thank you so much.
    4 matches comment I have a client who wants a look similar to ITC Modern No. 216 Medium, but without the huge price tag, any suggestions? TIA.
    4 matches comment ! Is Kabel Bk BT the same thing as ITC Kabel Book? Thanks.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hi, it's very close to Franklin Gothic Condensed ITC or Softmaker (SM) and might be a hand squeezed Franklin Gothic Condesed Bold. See the ITC Franklin Gothic: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/itc-franklin-gothic/ But the URWPP Franklin Gothic differs to much. Bye Bye
    2 matches comment It is ITC Anna
    1 matches comment I finally found something that would help you -- it is a commercial font named Simran from ITC http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/simran-itc/simran-itc/charmap.html
    2 matches comment Don’t know, but ITC Flora is close.

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    ITC Kristen Complete Family Pack
    ITC Kristen™ Normal
    ITC Kristen™ Not So Normal
    ITC Braganza™ SC
    ITC Chino™ Black
    ITC Chino™ Bold
    ITC Chino™ Italic
    ITC Chino™ Light
    ITC Chino™ Medium
    ITC Franklin™ Black
    ITC Franklin™ Bold
    ITC Franklin™ Light
    ITC Franklin™ Medium
    ITC Franklin™ Thin
    ITC Franklin™ Ultra
    ITC Franklin™ Volume
    ITC Liverpool™ Regular
    ITC Minska™ Bold
    ITC Minska™ Light
    ITC Minska™ Medium
    ITC Sportbet™ Regular
    ITC Werkstatt™ Regular
    ITC Anima™ Black
    ITC Anima™ Bold
    ITC Biblon® Regular
    ITC Bolthole™ Regular
    ITC Coolman™ Regular
    ITC Lingo™ Regular
    ITC Magnifico™ Daytime
    ITC Pino™ Black
    ITC Pino™ Bold
    ITC Schizoid™ Regular
    ITC Werkstatt™ Engraved
    ITC Cinderella™ Regular
    ITC Hedera™ Regular
    ITC Magnifico™ Nighttime
    ITC New Esprit™ Regular
    ITC Rastko™ Regular
    ITC Santangeli™ Regular
    ITC Cheltenham 1 Volume
    ITC Cheltenham 2 Volume
    ITC Conduit Selections
    ITC Eborg™ Regular
    ITC Intro™ Regular
    ITC Stepp™ Bold
    ITC Stepp™ Light
    ITC Stepp™ Medium
    ITC Stepp™ Ultra
    ITC Aram™ Caps
    ITC Aram™ Regular
    ITC Bette™ Regular
    ITC Biblon® Bold
    ITC Cali™ Regular
    ITC Chino Volume One
    ITC Chino Volume Three
    ITC Chino Volume Two
    ITC Kahana™ Regular
    ITC Mattia Regular
    ITC Medea™ Medium
    ITC Medea™ Regular
    ITC Merss™ Regular
    ITC Migrate™ Regular
    ITC Outback™ Regular
    ITC Outpost™ Italic
    ITC Outpost™ Regular
    ITC Puamana™ Regular
    ITC Tapioca™ Regular
    ITC Verkehr™ Bold
    ITC Hornpype™ Regular
    ITC Ironwork™ Regular
    ITC Jeepers™ Regular
    ITC Lintball™ Regular
    ITC Ludwig™ Regular
    ITC Mudville™ Regular
    ITC Needlescript™ Regular
    ITC New Esprit Volume
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    ITC Obelisk™ Bold
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    ITC Octone™ Bold
    ITC Octone™ Italic
    ITC Octone™ Regular
    ITC Oldbook™ Bold
    ITC Photoplay™ Black
    ITC Photoplay™ Regular
    ITC Posterboy™ Regular
    ITC Resavska Family
    ITC Resavska™ Black
    ITC Resavska™ Bold
    ITC Resavska™ Light
    ITC Resavska™ Medium

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