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    6 matches comment how would you describe that category? Is it not Grunge? Or Grunge+Horror?
    7 matches comment whats the font called that looks just like Birth of A Hero but without the grunginess? if you know please tell me.
    3 matches comment Making a Grunge kind of blog, and would like to know the font of this image, thanks.
    1 matches comment I literally found the font two seconds after I posted this. Oops. http://www.dafont.com/grunge.font It's called "Grunge." Thanks!
    1 matches comment Duh, we don't have it here, but I will submit it. You can download it from our rivals :) Download Grunge * Grunge on Abstract Fonts - edited by alex
    1 matches comment or try Grunge-Sans category with close to 50 fonts: http://www.abstractfonts.com/category/30-48/Grunge
    1 matches comment The Caslon Antique seems to be very near, because of the defective spots and somewhat rusty look. But go and try the search machine at www.fontseek.com with the keyword "grunge". There is a somewhat similar font "Grunge Petina" and other corroded Fonts, but they all have not the elegance of the Caslon or the Celestia. :) ute
    3 matches comment How about this one - can anyone identify it? This is another one of those cases where the font looks familiar, but I can't put a name on it.
    1 matches comment Where will i find good grunge style fonts? Thanx alot:)
    1 matches comment Yes, I agree with Schwalbenkoenig that some customization has been done. I would also suggest looking at the grunge category here. http://abstractfonts.com/category/30/Grunge Eduardo Recife's Dirty Ego and Flat-It's Boycott look good. http://flat-it.com/Boycott.html

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    Grunge/Trash .

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    Grunge Broken
    Grunge Italic
    Grunge Mud
    Grunge Regular
    Grunge Regular v2
    Grunge Shadow
    Grunge v2 Emboss
    Iron Grunge One
    Iron Grunge Two
    Grunge Butterfly Clean
    Grunge Butterfly Italic
    Grunge Mud Butterfly
    Easy Grunge
    Grunge Bob BF
    Grunge Decay
    Hondo Grunge
    Iron Grunge Smooth
    Grunge Bob Alt BF
    Hondo Grunge Backslant
    Hondo Grunge Slant
    Grunge Decay
    Klatter Grunge
    Gritzpop Grunge
    Grunge Standard Regular
    JLS OverKill™ Grunge
    Flim Grunge
    Gritzpop Grunge
    Klatter Grunge
    Woodchip Grunge
    JLS OverKill Grunge
    Woodchip Grunge Slant
    Grunge Pack
    Youngblood Antique Grunge
    Grunge Piazza Regular
    Grunge Piazza Fuzz
    Grunge Piazza Volume
    Grunge Piazza Wobble
    Youngblood Antique Grunge
    Grunge Piazza Complete Family Pack
    Borealis Regular
    Sunshine Regular
    Golgotha Regular
    Blockade Regular
    Adolescence Regular
    Player Piano Regular
    Goshen Regular
    AE Coldsmith Regular
    Rather Both
    Veneer Three
    Veneer Two
    Californya 2 Set
    Californya 3 Set
    Californya 4 Set
    Californya Set
    Rather Jazzy
    Demian™ Bold
    Demian™ Regular
    Californya Family
    Concrete Stencilled
    Rather Loud
    Esso 2 Regular
    Esso 3 Regular
    Esso 4 Regular
    Esso Family
    Esso Regular
    Fashyon Regular
    Yumo Regular
    Concrete Stencil
    Wausau™ Regular
    F2F Lovegrid™ Caps
    F2F Twins™ Regular
    Hiroko Regular
    Kono Regular
    Sunnydale Regular
    Stenblak™ Bold
    Stenblak™ Regular
    TYPO5 Collection
    Anodyne Combined
    Anodyne Italic
    Anodyne Regular
    Anodyne Shadow
    Lunix Volume
    Roka Regular
    Shababa Na Regular
    Shababa Package
    Soto Regular
    Veneer Extras
    Veneer Italic
    Veneer Regular
    Veneer Three Italic
    Veneer Two Italic
    3D Bippy Regular
    3D Bricky Regular

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