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    3 matches comment Bauhaus Light
    2 matches comment ITC Bauhaus Bold
    1 matches comment It is the Bauhaus. To be specific, the Bauhaus Medium. Other versions do not match with the 't'. The font is widened by 26% for your logo.
    3 matches comment The first font ist the Bauhaus, I think "Medium". Look for 4 styles here: (bauhaus*.ttf) ftp://ftp.georgia.net.ge/pub/msdos/ttf/B/ I can't identify the second font. There's a somewhat similar font, Vineta; and another similar font , Decorated; but they are "shadowed", ect. and yours isn't. Ute
    1 matches comment Bauhaus Medium.
    1 matches comment This is the Bauhaus Light.
    3 matches comment The main difference is the e. That one difference might be ok, but I need something free. I tried BabyFace but the a is unacceptable. Thanks
    2 matches comment AQUAFLEX is Bauhaus Heavy extended a bit. We take care is the Palette. Also extended a bit.
    2 matches comment I used to have this loaded but not anymore and I can't remember the name to look for it.
    3 matches comment And the "Kinedas blog" looks like a 1970ies-version form Chalet by Hoiuse Industries. Which are similar to Bauhaus-typefaces.

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