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    5 matches comment Anybody know what the font is on the cover of The Black Parade CD by My Chemical Romance? I really love that font and want it!! somebody on the My Chemical Romance Forum said that the font was Broken 3897 but I cant find that font anywhere! Please help!?! I've attached a picture of the font incase people dont know what it looks like. EDITED by alex: The font called The Chemical Parade http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/12747
    4 matches comment uploaded image hi, sorry to ask for this, but i'm looking for my chemical romance's [the band] 'The Black Parade' font. The one the album has as the TBP writing.. Cant seem to find it anywhere. would anyone know where to find it or something similar? would be kindly appreciated =) from the image, the part that says 'The Black Parade' is the font i'm trying to find. i'll understand if no one can find it =
    3 matches comment Hey all, I'm very new to this and I apologise in advance if there is an etiquette to this that I do not follow(or if I offend someone). I have a bit of a dilemma...my mother-in-law is looking for a font by the name of 'Parade'. Upon searching for it I discovered that there is not simply one font with such a name. I have included a picture of what i am looking for and from what I can tell it can be called any of these; Parade Script, Parade URW, Parade Normal, and probably more. Now, I can actually find what I'm looking for. My problem is that I cannot find anywhere to download it for free. Normally i would pay for something like this if it wasnt for the fact that it is needed for just two words(see picture), and will never be used again. Can anyone help??? Thanks...Jadey
    1 matches comment Parade.
    2 matches comment Well, down under, in fact the Happy is not the perfect match. Compare the E. But it is the only one I found that runs as wide as your sample. There is also the Parade which is about 30% wider but when condensed to 77% is the one that matches. As there is no condensed version of the Parade there must be another one around that does fit your pict ... unless you condensed the font yourself ... but I can't find it. Alas. There are more lookalikes but non of those fit without modification and none match as well as the Parade.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12747 I see no image, but this is actually not the fonts name, it is called the chemical parade. It is a little difficult to use unless you have photoshop or a vector base program that you can move the letters around. It is an all cap font... and due to the letters being taken from a logo, although I centered them in each frame, some flush to left or right when typing. You just have to move them around a bit by hand.
    1 matches comment Reece, I identified the font, I am not the one who wanted to use it. I suggest you contact the original poster who started the thread regards licensing, and Font Parade and any other sites that have your font for download to have them remove it. I'd also like to point out Font Parade shows your font as uploaded in 2006, so I can only surmise 2 things; someone you sold a license to uploaded it almost immediately, or you unintentionally compromised it by putting it online somewhere.
    1 matches comment Hey can u direct me to a font of the band mychemical romance. And if you dont have it, can you please make one?
    1 matches comment Does anyone know the font used in the Beverly Hills Hotel sign? I have seem a couple of similar ones, Easter Parade and Iphengenia, but I was wondering if someone knows of a font closer to the original. Thanks
    1 matches comment Zapfino One. In case you are interested, here is the rest (minus 4): ADX = Adonis Old Style Light AJA = Aja AMZ = Amazone/Amaze ARD = Ariston Regular ATH = Amethyst Script AVA = Avalon BAL = Balmoral BAM = Bamboofont BAX = Baskerville BDP = BDW = Broadway BEL = Blackletter 686 BER = Bernhard Tango BFX = Bernhard Fashion BHC = Bernhard Modern SmallCaps BHM = Bernhard Modern BIC = Bickley Script BIN = Freehand 591 BKS = Baker Signet BLV = Boulevard BOD = Bodoni BOM = Boomerang BSM = Busorama BSQ = ATBasque BSX = Biant/Liberty BYM = Byron Swash Medium CAL = Aldus/Palatino CAS = Caslon Open Face CER = Century Schoolbook CHA = Zapf Chancery CHM = Charme CHQ = Christophs Quill CIV = Civilite CLG = Codex/Calligraphic 421 CNT = Coronet COU = Courier CPG = Copperplate Gothic CPP = Copperplate Condensed Light CPT = Carpenter CRS = Cancellaresca Script CSP = Flemish Script CUR = Lydian Cursive CZR = P22 Cezanne DAR = Dartangon DMN = Demian DOR = Dorchester Script DTC = Dutch 801 Italic DUR = Dutch 801 DVX = Bodoni Italic EGG = Engravers Gothic ENG = Engravure ENS = English Script FLR = Florens FMS = Ondine FND - Fineprint FNH = Fine Hand FRB = Americana FRS = Freestyle Script FUB = Futura Bold FUL = Futura Light FUM = Futura Med GLO = Giddyup GLS = Norris Script GMX = Greeting Monotone GOT = Goteborg GRM = Grimshaw Hand HAD = Hadfield HDW = Hollywood Deco HOB = Hobo HOU = Houston Pen HUB = Zapf Humanist 601 Bold BT HUR = Zapf Humanist 601 BT HWC = Hollywood Deco Capitals ISA = Isadora ISX = Typo Upright JHN = John Handy Script KBL = Kabel KFM = Kaufmann KOR = Korinna LCR = AT Classic Roman (Linotype) LEM = Lemonade LHI = Lucida Handwriting Italic LIO = Liorah LUP = Lucia MIS = Mistral MOP = Mahogany Script MRL = Liana/Lady Dawn MRN = Marnie MSB = MUR = Murray Hill NAD = Nadianne NBR = New Berolina NOV = Novella NUP = Nuptial Script OXF = Oxford PAC = Parisian Capitals PAR = Parisian PAX = Park Avenue PDE = Parade PEN = Peninsula Script/Floral Script PEP = Pepita PHT = Phyllis Italic PIX = Piranesi Italic PKY = Perky PLC = Poor Richard PON = ExPonto PRA = Petra Script PRL = Poor Richard PRT = Party LET PRV = Providence Sans PSL = Paisley Two RKS = Helinda Rook SAR = Sackers Antique Roman SBK - Swiss 721 Black BT SER = Vivaldi SHA = Shelley Andante SIT = Citadel Script SKH = SKJ = Skjald SKL = SLP = Sloop Script One SLT = Sloop Script Two SPL = Spring Light SPT = Space Toaster SQU = Squire SRH = Snell Roundhand SST = Sloop Script Two STL = Streamline STU = Stuyvesant SWS = Swiss/Helvetica TCS = Bickham Script TEK = Tekton TGR = Tiger Rag TIF = Tiffany TPM = Trump Medieval Roman TSS = Bickham Swash Caps UNR = University Roman VLA -Vladimir VOL = Shelley Volante VTN = Venetian 301 BT VTU = VTypewriter Underwood WTX = Wedding Text YBQ = Young Baroque ZPF = Zapfino One

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