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    1 matches comment could someone lead me to the sony font. the font used back then when sony was just sony, no pcs or playstations. just camcorders and stuff...wait...they still use that font...k...whatever, help me find it please.
    3 matches comment Could you please tell me that in which font is the SONY logo written? You may please mail to me at sugamtaneja@hotpop.com
    1 matches comment Does anyone believe in showing an examplel of the type they would like identified?
    1 matches comment does anyone know the font used for the logo
    1 matches comment Hello, I am looking very long for this to fonts: - Fly Emirates and - Sony Walkman Logo Pleas message if you no cya
    1 matches comment Hi, try Sony Sketch by Diezil http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/14672?text=MONTREAL Bye Bye
    1 matches comment ? Ok we have them, some of us even have mighty little sony ericsson phone in our pockets, so i wonder what font are they using for the logo
    1 matches comment Hi, Could someone PLEASE tell me that which font is used to make the 'SONY' logo? I am SURE that such a font does exist because, I had it earlier... But, unfortunately, neither do I remember its name nor where i got it from... So, I would be thankful, if someone helps me in finding that font... My Email address is sugamtaneja@hotpop.com My Yahoo ID is stanley0781. Thanks... I have sent the logo along with this...
    1 matches comment does someone know the name of this font ?? the font of the W. not from the world Walkman itself [img:c8a71e86d8]http://www.minidisc.org/walkman_logo_2000.jpg[/img:c8a71e86d8] thanks
    1 matches comment Any idea where i can find the Resident Evil Movie Font ? The Game covers use a different font then the movie...im only interested in the movie title font. Any help in locationg it will be appreciated. the font can be seen on the official site at ... http://www.spe.sony.com/movies/residentevil/ Thanx
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