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    6 matches comment Hi, I created a logo for my business and am certain i downloaded the font off this site. the font is called 'Reprise Stamp' I have lost this font, and when i search for it on this site to get it back it finds 0 matches for reprise stamp. someone please help!
    5 matches comment Hi there, Hope everybody is well. I am looking for a font that looks like a postage stamp. In other words the letters have perforated edges. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks ever so much, Gav
    3 matches comment Where can I find a FREE font that resembles a stamped-on expiration date (like those found on eggs, milk, and such)? It must include mumbers, not just letters. FF Stamp Gothic and Realstamp seemed like just the thing, but they're $40 a piece!
    1 matches comment Chris, so sorry but I can't find this one. The best match I found for the basis of this (logo?) is the Context Reprise Black SSi Black Italic. Next best I found the Sans Black Italic. But none have the cut-outs, alas. The good news is, that the modification is that simple that it is not too complicated to simulate this pict.
    1 matches comment Oops, didn't see the time stamp. Sorry.
    1 matches comment Hi, I'd like to know all the fonts present on this scan. Thanks in advance.
    1 matches comment Can anyone help me identifying this font. This work I'm doing is for a non-profit organization that promotes stamp collection
    2 matches comment 2 5 6 That's all i have to find what type was used in a movie, that i have to make the flyer for. And it's a very specific type, used to stamp the foreheads of the victims and the red envelope announcing the crime. I've been searching all morning here at Dafont, on MyFonts in serifs, fancy... no luck. sad smiley But i've seen that 5 somewhere. It's not a stamped eroded font. Do you know what it is ?
    1 matches comment Is right. Thanks. I only knew it as Cleopatra. Edit: That is to say, it is right for the 2000 version as shown on Identifont of which the Cleopatra is probably a copy/clone. The Oxtail Black with a date stamp 1998 (also Stefan Hattenbach) has different tails.
    1 matches comment BrockScript, Fait par un inconnu - date stamp August 1996, has l lot in common with script fonts like Mea Culpa and Jacky O. But I have not seen a commercial version so I think it is OK to use it.

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