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    2 matches comment Porcelain
    1 matches comment 2) is Blackadder 3) is Porcelain
    2 matches comment Then try Porcelain, the swirly version of Bickham Script by Eduardo Recife.
    1 matches comment That is a superimposition of the Selfish on the Porcelain, the Hurricane SupaDupaSerif. Not available for redistribution.
    1 matches comment Superimpose the Selfish [img]http://www.misprintedtype.com/v3/fonts/imgs/selfish.jpg[/img] on the Porcelain [img]http://www.misprintedtype.com/v3/fonts/imgs/porcelain.jpg[/img] and ... Bingo. Both are free fonts from Misprinted type.
    1 matches comment Could be Porcelain (found on this site), not sure if you can bold that one to make it thicker like what you have or not...That is my best guess! I hope that this helps you a bit! If not hopefully others here are more helpful to you!
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