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    6 matches comment Hi Does anyone know of a place where I can download this font for free? I'm sure I downloaded from Abstract fonts some time ago but I can't find it. Thanks
    2 matches comment Century Schoolbook is the one, no need for a condensed version like URW's. The Scangraphic version, Century School SH-Roman which has just that little tighter kerning looks like to be the perfect match.
    5 matches comment Twentieth Century Poster although the ampersand appears to be different font
    1 matches comment Made many fonts in Indian language but they would go more cool if TTF Programs has an option to change the Default Sample text . :confused: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog although this phrase has all alphabets but Would look cool if there's and option to change it would altering the key mappings
    5 matches comment I was wondering/hoping/looking to find a font that kind of looks like the handwriting that would have been used to write, for example, the Declaration of Independence? A late 1700s early 1800s style of handwriting, flowy and loopy-like. So if anyone knows of any font or fonts like that, that would be great, I'd love to see it...thanks in advance :)
    1 matches comment Century Gothic
    2 matches comment looks like Century Old Style...but not an exact match.
    1 matches comment Hi, Thats the base, the typeface is a modernized Minuscule ... But that still didn't finaly solve the problem ... Informations: Insular Minuscule 6th century onward Carolingian Minuscule. 8th to 12th century Latin Half Uncial. 3rd to 9th century ... see: http://www.historian.net/files.htm Bye bye
    2 matches comment Ive had twentieth century poster for ages as i use it for the text for all my ecommerce shops but:- Swapped my hard drives over deleted one and forgot to save it across!! Any one got a copy of this font?? I got it free years ago with some rubbish demo photo editior software. Cheers,
    1 matches comment This looks like Century Gothic with some photoshop-filtering ?

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    Brown Fox
    Fox TRF
    Snooty Fox NF
    Alpha Fox Bumpy
    Alpha Fox Dirty
    Alpha Fox Very Bumpy
    Alpha Fox Very Dirty
    Fox TRF Black
    Fox TRF Bold
    Fox TRF Light
    Fox Sans TRF
    Fox TRF Extra Light
    Fox Sans TRF Bold
    Fox Sans TRF Italic
    Fox Sans TRF Light
    Fox Regular
    Fox Sans TRF Bold Italic
    Fox Sans TRF Light Italic
    Snooty Fox NF Regular
    Alpha Fox Dirty Package
    Fox TRF Complete Family Pack
    Fox Grotesque Regular
    Fox TRFRegular
    Fox Sans TRF Complete Family Pack
    Fox Grotesque Black
    Fox Grotesque Bold
    Fox Grotesque Italic
    Fox Grotesque Light
    Fox TRF Bold
    Fox TRF Light
    Fox Grotesque Alt Black
    Fox Grotesque Alt Bold
    Fox Grotesque Alt Light
    Fox Grotesque Alt Regular
    Fox Grotesque Black Italic
    Fox Grotesque Bold Italic
    Fox Grotesque Light Italic
    Fox Sans TRF Bold
    Fox Sans TRF Light
    Fox Sans TRF Regular
    Fox Sans TRF Italic
    Fox Grotesque Complete Family Pack
    Fox Sans TRF Bold Italic
    Fox Sans TRF Light Italic
    Century Oldstyle
    Century Oldstyle
    Century BQ Bold
    Century BQ Italic
    Century BQ Regular
    Century Exp SH-Italic
    Century Exp SH-Roman
    Century Oldstyle Bold
    Century Oldstyle Bold
    Century Oldstyle Italic
    Century Oldstyle Italic
    Century School SB-Bold
    Century School SB-Ita
    Century School SB-Roman
    Century School SH-Bold
    Century School SH-Ita
    Century School SH-Roman
    Century Std-Bold
    Century Std-Book
    Century Std-Light
    Century Std-Ultra
    Blue Century
    Century 725
    Century 731
    Century 751
    Century 751 No 2
    Century Expanded
    Century Expanded
    Century Old Style
    Ninth Century MF
    Twentieth Century
    Century BQ Bold Italic
    Century Exp EF Italic
    Century Exp EF Regular
    Century FB Condensed Bold
    Zoinks Regular
    Century School SB-Bold Ita
    Century School SH-Bold Ita
    Century Std-Bold Condensed
    Century Std-Bold Condensed It
    Century Std-Bold Italic
    Century Std-Book Condensed
    Century Std-Book Condensed It
    Century Std-Book Italic
    Century Std-Light Condensed
    Century Std-Light Condensed It
    Century Std-Light Italic
    Century Std-Ultra Condensed
    Century Std-Ultra Condensed It
    Century Std-Ultra Italic
    URW Century Old Style Volume
    Zoinks Regular-Intl
    Century 725 Black
    Century 725 Bold
    Century 725 Condensed

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