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    1 matches comment Aha, Kabel Ultra. Thanks. So I am not careful this night and learn something new which is old. :^D BTW, Good night dear KKat, good night everyone …
    2 matches comment Looking for font to match the text in the "Night of the Living Dead" poster.
    1 matches comment What was? That I was home on a Saturday and ID'd a font? LOL -- How are you KK? Meanwhlie here are several copies of the real font on the net if someone knows how to google... Even in WTF - hehehhehhe Night NIght
    1 matches comment Can somebody please identify the small font used for "Best Damn Night"
    1 matches comment Yes, I did google last night and did not come across a German site. I found Calligraphic421 on myfotns last night, but it looks different than Calligraph421 BT. The P looks different. Someone sent me a word document using Calligraph421 BT. I need to recreate the document in Photoshop.
    2 matches comment What font is used for America's Night Out?
    1 matches comment Hi, Can anyone identify the original font used for the words "Family Night" in yellow here? Thanks so much!!!
    2 matches comment Well, dear crowd I just want to wish you a very merry Christmas. I'm off for a few days. Stay healthy and be successful in the next years, so to say. Oh and yes, send some snow to Austria, if you have some left …
    2 matches comment uploaded image and here's a second image at night of the same typefaces. The Gs may give the game away, thank you.
    2 matches comment As a person who works in human resources i would suggest sticking to the plainer fonts as fancy is too much like hard work to read. If you want something slightly different try goudy oldstyle. Stay clear of any caligrapy styles as you may find your resume ends up in the trash. Good luck

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