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    comment This font, inspired by the art deco movement of the 1920s was featured on Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
    comment Does anybody know the name of this font?
    comment Thanks Pumpqueen!
    comment Does anyone know the name of this font? Thanks!
    comment Thanks, I tried using whatfonts to id the font, but did not get any results.
    comment Does anybody know the name of this clunky cut out font that was used on the first soft machine album cover?
    comment Can anybody id this font?
    comment Thanks
    comment Does anybody know the name of this font? It was very popular in the 60's & 70's.
    comment Looking for the name of this font, anybody know?
    comment Why are these stupid spammers able to post here?
    comment From the 1981 album "Gone Troppo" this font was used throughout the album. Can anybody ID it?
    comment The Smithereens, the much beloved garage band from the 80's used this font on all their early albums. Does anyone know of a digital equivalent?
    comment thanks Alex!
    comment from 1988 this font was very popular for quite a while
    comment Thanks Alex! Very goo match.
    comment This font of of my Capt. Beefheart 45 sleeve was very popular in the 1960's. Does anyone know if there is a digital version?
    comment This font is from 1969's "then play on" album, does any one know if a digital version exists?
    comment Thanks ALEX!
    comment This elegant font is featured on many record covers. Does anybody know the name?