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    comment You guys/girls are AWESOME!!!! And your right when I saw the 2 you put up Kat I didn't see a huge difference. The picture is from my wedding invites that I used through Anns Bridals I copied the pic and scanned it in so I can use it on my programs. I thought itd be cool to get a similar font to write the programs in. I found the DJ Fancy like Neo suggested and its close too but looks like it all slants the opposite direction. I'll look up your suggestions and see what I can use. I just really appreciate all of your(s) help! :) Thank you!
    comment Looking for the font like this. Doesn't have to be exact, but something similar. Any Font Pros out there have any suggestions? Thank you!
    comment Thanks Kat!!! Next ?? Any ideas where I can download or purchase? Nevermind, I found it and am getting it! Thank you for your help! I appreciate it!
    comment I'm looking for this font. Aramis is VERY similar but the Vs etc veer off to the left instead of the right with Aramis. Thoughts?