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    comment I got the chills when I came to this forum. Somethings... different. Something is missing maybe? I think it's the lighting.
    comment view details for free font #15564 @kk I hope so. I will keep you posted then after I hear from myfonts then. Thanks so much :) @Alex Thanks for the swift action on removing the font. It has already been removed from deviantART, and a request has been sent to fontspace for it's removal, hopefully that will be done soon as well.
    comment view details for free font #15564 Okay then, I suppose you should remove then Alex, thank you. I will go and do the same at fontspace and deviant art... lol Thanks kk, tomorrow would be great. I still don't know if myfonts.com will have me. If not, I will re-submit Aver!
    comment view details for free font #15564 Sure that would be great KK. Thank you. I was wondering why it was not added. I thought Rudolphe did not like the font or was upset with me for some reason. It is quite a compliment that you and others as well feel that I 'go commercial' with this font. Ray Larabie and James Arboghast have insisted upon this same thing for some time. So I suppose I will do that. Mr. Larabie suggested that I try to have my fonts accepted to be sold at myfonts.com. Is that what you would also recommend then?
    comment view details for free font #15564 I know. Sigh... I ended up having the same issues (again) with the file you sent me. I discovered it was caused by a windows font cache issue and was able to recreate the font without issue after re-creating and renaming the files, thus I lost the vendor information :( and whilst still having issues I named the files simply "fontface" when I wasn't sure which actual font name I was going to use. :( Sorry about that. But I did re-design the Euro sign thanks to your insight. I am sorry to have lost the other font data you provided. Though I was able to use the name I initially wanted, "Aver," I would not have been able to do so without your help.
    comment view details for free font #15564 Thanks Alex. KK was very helpful to me on this one, so the graphic was my little homage. Thanks KK. :)
    comment uploaded image Come to think of it, naming this font seems to have been an issue since the beginning. And it began almost three years ago. XD Remember my "as yet un-named serif"? http://www.nymfont.com/2009/06/preview-of-upcoming-fonts.html
    comment Sent it. Thanks so much kk! :)
    comment I am having an issue with a font I am working on at the present and I was hoping that someone here might be able to help me resolve it. The font I am working on will not work when given a certain name, the name that I would like to use for it of course. Any other name and it works fine. Should be simple to solve right? I can't figure out what I did to mess it up. Was working, now it's not. ... lol Thanks in advance.
    comment view details for free font #15523 The bearings, yes, that's the ticket! Commercial? I could, there are worse fonts out there being sold, but I just don't think my fonts are good enough. In only TT format, w/o advanced hinting an so on... I have begun using Font Lab but I am not yet that familiar w, it. But you are the expert... I guess I could try :|
    comment view details for free font #15523 Thank you kk. I had hoped this one *would make your approval. No kerning pairs however I worked very hard on the spacing in this one, plus the Greek and Cyrillic letters :)
    comment uploaded image view details for free font #15523 This font is free for personal use and can be used commercially with a donation. The font contains many additional characters including Greek and Cyrillic letters. Also comes in an "alternate" version with a different lowercase letter "a," that may be more identifiable among other letters/ easier to differentiate from other letters. I hope you like it.
    comment uploaded image view details for free font #15494 (I noticed this font does not appear on my "designer" page: http://abstractfonts.com/designer/415/Nymphont) Also, I noticed on my "designer" page that Happy Phantom is listed twice, once as "Happy Phantom, Normal" and again with an earlier version of the font, simply as "Happy Phantom." Cheerio!
    comment Just kidding. :) Missed you guys.
    comment view details for free font #14215 I see your TOU is written similar to how I have written mine, which is comforting as I often seek your opinion (as well as that of your fellow forum moderators at Abstract Fonts) on these sorts of things. I love the typeface too btw, so perfectly art deco. Especially like the Q. Nice work kk.
    comment hmmm .. the uppercase characters are included in the font, but they are the same as the lowercase... this new version contains about 500 kerning pairs or so, but I have seen fonts that include many more than that, that* are also far more complex yet still considerably smaller in size. ... now that I think about it, 210kb is much too large a file size for such a relatively simple font as this. I'll have to do something about that before publishing the update. thanks kk. Soon I hope to update all of my fonts proper, whence I become more acquainted with my newly acquired *yay!* FontLab! So excited! :) *Even with a comma in-between, I really dislike using the same word twice in succession, apologies :P
    comment uploaded image Would 210kb be considered too large for a single font file, taking into consideration that the font is of a decorative style such as the pictured LT Chickenhawk, and contains over 300 total glyphs ? My fonts are typically much smaller in size than that, but after updating the aforementioned LT Chickenhawk, that's where I am at... but that size seemed a bit on the heavy side to me.
    comment Wow, spammers are so pathetic. Anywho, @kk sorry for the delay, I will email that to you, thanks. @Roger, thanks, reading that thread was very helpful.
    comment oh awesome. thank you. ** I also wanted to add (in case it was not obvious to everyone as I had hoped/intended it to be); By "real font site" I refer to sites in which the selling of fonts is the main/sole focus of the site, the main service provided by the site. I do not insinuate that this site, is not a real font site. Got it?
    comment uploaded image Hello... I was wondering if anyone had any advice/thoughts/opinions on the selling of fonts outright, and related font business issues that I have recently encountered.. Being the lowly little free-font maker (TrueType™'s only, and on FontCreator no less) that I am, I could really use any of the aforementioned sorts of wisdom on a recent inquiry I received regarding the sale of some of my fonts. Okay, well, firstly, they sought 'to consolidate' their 'library with fonts they could utilize on all of their 'platforms, be it on the web or production in an unlimited fashion' They asked if I were interested what would the pricing be to create 1-10 new fonts, and they also asked if I were interested in selling those fonts as well as existing fonts (fonts of interest were then listed) outright, as they would be/are interested in purchasing them... Anywho, I have of course my own conclusions. One such conclusion of lesser importance regarded the crafting of ten or so new fonts; Create ten new fonts? I have made fewer fonts as of yet that I am not totally embarrassed of! But then again I'd be happy to sign up for such a project if the right entity were to broach it... and I am pondering the possibility that this offer I have received could be considered one such project... Sigh. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? (no worries, i am not looking for one nugget of wisdom to come to a decision on any of this. I am just looking for any nuggets of wisdom on selling fonts outright ect. in general) Thank you in advance. Apologies as well, I know I should just become a real font designer and sell my fonts on a real font site. Someday, maybe. Someday. We can only hope. :)