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    comment Without checking, this looks like Century Gothic.
    comment How about this?
    comment There's lots of that kind of thing in the Retro section.
    comment So, you're looking for a font that has the characters in your image? Or are you trying to figure out what they say? I'm sorry for the questions, I'm just a bit confused.
    comment What exactly are you asking?
    comment At first glance, it looks like it could be Century Gothic.
    comment Am I missing something?
    comment I'm going to guess this is hand-done, especially judging by the date and the "r"s, "a"s, and "e"s.
    comment Hmm, been combing Abstract Fonts... Is the third one on the right the Matador? And the fifth one the GrekoDeco?
    comment Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but Kredit has this kind of style with the stamped effect built in.
    comment Hmm... I want to say the second one on the left is the hand-drawn.
    comment That is the Korinna.
    comment Maybe something by Fonts for Peas? Or take a look in the Handwriting section?
    comment I suspect it's not a font. Look at the "R"s in rosemary and the "A"s in moscada
    comment Perhaps something in the Bookman Swash family?
    comment You're welcome, Suzi!
    comment Have you checked out the handwriting section?
    comment Hmm. A mariner's font? How about Mariner? :-)
    comment I do agree with kelliv that the categories would be easier to use if they were alphabetized up and down instead of sideways, but I greatly appreciate them all being on one page, as well as the new layout for the designers, which I feel is much easier to use and read. Edit JB: Also, is there a way to keep the sidebar ads from jumping down the page? They can also be quite eye-irritating.