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    comment i contacted a moderator at Typophile to ask her to remove that link. Hopefully that won't happen again. Again, I am sorry about that.
    comment I just got the email alert that this was posted and hope I didn't lead "happygooberhead" to some unfounded conclusion from a posting on the Typophile Forum. There was a thread on font piracy and I posted a link here to show that not all free font forums are like that. I was trying to show that there are folks who use free fonts that are honest. So if I unintentionally created an unnecessary controversy... I apologize. Here is that link: Typophile BTW, is geared for both Type Designers and Typographers. It is a very useful site for anyone contemplating creating their own fonts.
    comment Dearest is a really lovely font. I first saw it at TypeCon in Toronto in 2002. I briefly met Christina Torres, the designer. Most of it came from an old German book. Thanks for your support. Stephen
    comment I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words about my type design Memoir. I agree that the price is a little high compared to many font sites. Value wise I tried to make it a good deal. Most people, even many designers, don't understand the amount of work involved in a fully featured font. I designed Memoir over the course of almost 3 years. Each letter of the about 500 included, is designed to work and connect with each of the other 500. If you use OpenType savvy apps like Illustrator or InDesign, the code that I wrote will make setting it professionally much easier. Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that you were not advocating piracy or getting it by illegit means. There is almost no one getting wealthy from font sales. I personally only hope to make enough quality fonts to quit my day job. Stephen