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    comment view details for free font #11808 This is interesting, but maybe one not corroded would be good to see.
    comment view details for free font #12958 I like this font. Could be nice for some project. Thanks.
    comment Control panel- fonts. Drag the file in there.
    comment Please tell me if that is correct, unfortunately the sites seemed unreliable due to the fact one typo could mix "caslon" with "calson". Either way, that is the only download link I can find. The only other things are people referring to this "calson" fontand showing their uses or specimens.
    comment I did some research, and found, that it is likely your font was wiped off the face of the internet. There was only one site that I could find that had it, and, it is offline. Therefore, your best option would be to download the look alike Casper Openface-
    comment p.s. koiekat, the reason I said its not copyright is because it said "(c)1986-92" which I believe means only copyrighted until 1992. Is that how it works?
    comment "(c)1986-92 by Richard A. Ware" ( As far as I know it's now public domain no matter what, and even if its not i dont think he cares or can do anything about it.
    comment No what I meant is "Kick awesome web..." is bebas.
    comment uploaded image Here is a black and white specimen
    comment The one on the bottom is bebas, that's all I can tell for now.