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    comment Times Bold ? This small, what do you expect from us? ;)
    comment It's Storybook ;)
    comment [quote] would one know if it's a commercial font or not? [/quote] Just by looking at the major selling sites, like ITC, Linotype, Berthold, MyFonts... If it's in there, then it is for sale. If not, look in other sites, Abstractfonts, Dafont... !
    comment It's your point of view. Anyway, find it on your own, but don't ask for free fonts here when you know they are commercial ones.
    comment Because! Replace 'Helvitica Neue Regular' in your message by 'some nice clothes' and ask yourself the same question!
    comment the X makes me think of something close to Lucida Calligraphy, but was customized... and the 'anadu' could be close to a bolded version of Blackjack but the 'd' is longer...
    comment Ask Susie, she'll write it for you by hand !! =)
    comment Try the Ipkiss ZF, used for the movie The MASK by ZF Typography i'll let you find this one.
    comment Times Bold ?
    comment Unsolved so far... neither at MyFonts
    comment Blaze that was "cleaned up"
    comment told you i'd do better ! :)))
    comment Handdrawn, but inspisred on Uni Wide in lower case. Check
    comment Stop searching! ;) or Babylon Industrial
    comment Ahahah! I'm no Carpenter, but i know what SAW is!!!