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    Shadowed/Outlined/Relief/3D font I.D.
    Jan 20th, 2015 / quote / 154.120.*.1*
    uploaded image
    Please can anyone help me identify the name of this font?
    Can't seem to ID it on the automated sites.

    Thanks in advance!
    WhatFontisexternal link
    Jan 20th, 2015 / quote / 86.121.*.2*
    Please search for Core Sans G Shadow.
    I found it using: - Identify the font you are looking for!
    Jan 21st, 2015 / quote / 197.242.*.1*
    Many thanks, Alex.
    Very similar but not an exact match - take a closer look at the 'R.'

    Will be willing to use as a substitute if the search remains unfruitful.
    Feb 2nd, 2015 / quote / 172.247.*.1*
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    like it!

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