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    Desperate Housewives: The Size Of The Manure
    Apr 28th, 2011 / quote / 123.145.*.2*
    The "Murderers," most of my theories about who tried to kill Paul Young Desperate Housewives DVD died quickly. Unfortunately, this was not the only disappointment of the night.Let's face it: Beth is not really a long-term player in the series, and create a good exit strategy for her to be the culprit. Grey's Anatomy DVD After his conversation with his mother convincing about the shooting, however, we can eliminate as a suspect.Beth seems to really be in love with the man. But now he knows who she really is, the question becomes: what will he do for her? Two and a Half Men DVD I suppose that the victim may be killer once again that Paul's anger built for Beth. Attention, daughter, mom may be right this time!Apart from Beth and Felicia Glee DVD- I thought that maybe the shooter may be someone completely unpretentious - my next choice was Renee. Now I know it's a long shot But remember:Renee does not have a role in the way, The Big Bang Theory DVD and its output may be just around the corner. The divorced woman, without family and friends can go very far is limited to protecting people he cares about.

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