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    nymphontexternal link
    Jan 18th, 2010 / quote / 68.96.*.8*
    I should know this by now, but how do I go about updating a font?

    site moderator neogrey
    Jan 18th, 2010 / quote / 87.97.*.2*
    upload the zip file va your account, the system will tell you that it already exists, and then you choose to overwrite it. It will be wise, if you also updated the font version in your font editing software.
    nymphontexternal link
    Jan 18th, 2010 / quote / 68.96.*.8*
    ah ha i see. thanks.

    I have some questions now about version numbers, because you see I only updated incorrect font data (incorrect url, expired copyright) and not the font itself for the most part,

    and updated the font with the addition/creation of italic versions of regular and bold, completing the family as it were. They had not previously existed, so i considered them version 1 still. Should I have given them a later version number in this case?

    I also chose not to change the version numbers of the existing regular and bold normal font files which received changes to the incorrect/outdated inpputted data as I earlier described. Should I have given them a new version number as well in this instance?

    Thanks so much,
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 18th, 2010 / quote / 81.34.*.2*
    I believe it is always better to change the version number if anything has changed. Minor changes in the naming section can have a .# (v1.1) version number, any other change that makes the font behave differently - even only in the metrics, kerning or embedding rights - should have a higher version number, eg v2.0. Otherwise it is impossible to trace the history and changes.

    Again, almost forgot the smiley. Sorry, sorry, sorry, but here you are :)
    nymphontexternal link
    Jan 18th, 2010 / quote / 68.96.*.8*
    Thank you for this advice, back to the font machine to re-version this batch as 2.0

    And, you remembered to make a smiley face :D :D :D

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