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    Blippo Light SF
    Jan 24th, 2009 / quote / 86.141.*.2*
    My PC crashed recently and i lost a font that looks great on the website i'm building...
    I need the font - Blippo Light SF
    ...& how come it disappeared from microsoft windows when my PC crashed?

    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 24th, 2009 / quote / 80.31.*.4*
    Second first ... it doesn't. Only when you reinstall Windows AND you only had the font in your Windows\Fonts directory (not really great wisdom) you will loose the font.

    First: Contact your font vendor, explain the situation and ask for a copy. If you can show how and when you bought it, you probably will get the copy.

    If all fails: Blippo Light SF ((c) 1990-1993 Brendel Informatik & SoftMaker Software GmbH.) also came with Serif's DrawPlus X2 and PagePlus X2.

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