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    Help for a newbie...
    Hambone McKool
    Dec 21st, 2008 / quote / 24.57.*.5*
    uploaded image
    Trying to identify some of the fonts in this poster:

    "Cassius Clay"
    "Dog track"

    Any ideas?
    Sejoexternal link
    Dec 21st, 2008 / quote / 91.80.*.8*
    Cassius seems to be in a Futura Heavy, Clay in a condensed grotesque-ish as Dog Track. Maybe the Alternate Gothic from Elsner+Flake? I suppose you could find some amusement using a couple of the Hoefler & Frere-Jones typefaces: namely the Knockout and the Champion Gothic.
    That wonderful Biscayne I suppose it belongs to the Golden Days of Hand-Lettering.
    Tophy52external link
    Dec 21st, 2008 / quote / 77.198.*.2*
    I'd say Cassuis : Futura extra bold
    Clay : Helvetica Condensed bold (world champion too)
    Dog : Helvetica Condensed bold italic
    Doors, Admission, date, center texts are also in Futura

    Biscayne, we'd have to look in the old foundries catalog, as long as this is an add created before "computer time"

    mmmmmmh, old stuff...
    Wonder if Biscayne isn't a 1960's handmade logotype ???

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