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    Font suggestions?
    Nov 28th, 2008 / quote / 88.106.*.2*
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    Hi all you font maniacs! :D

    I'm looking for a free font or fonts that does something similar to Pacioli, that is, have that whole 'blueprint/schematic' thing going on.

    Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    - Q
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    Nov 28th, 2008 / quote / 86.32.*.1*
    Roughwork or Draughtwork by Scriptorium
    P22 Durer Caps by IHOF
    Hands on Albrecht by URW
    Graf or Old Constructed Caps or Rodgauer by Manfred Klein
    Leonardo by No Image Fonts
    Walrod by Penguin Productions

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