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    Help! Identify this font please
    Nov 14th, 2008 / quote / 82.18.*.2*
    uploaded image
    Sorry to do this to you again but can some nice person please help with finding this font.

    It is the second line of the attachment Knowledgeable service at a great price.

    Thanks you in advance.
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    Nov 14th, 2008 / quote / 91.142.*.1*
    Bradley Hand. Plus Arial.
    Nov 14th, 2008 / quote / 82.18.*.2*
    Sorry to be a pain!!!
    I cant find this when looking, is there any chance of a link to this font? Would be most grateful.
    site moderator neogrey
    Nov 14th, 2008 / quote / 87.97.*.5*
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    Nov 15th, 2008 / quote / 91.142.*.1*
    Thank you, Ivan.

    Reason: I won't link directly at first because if the user wants to buy a commercial font and he comes from an abstractfont-list Alex gets a few cents. If we link directly, this will not be paid, I think. True, Alex?

    Angela: Bradley Hand was the third in the list of commercial fonts. How could you not see that?
    site moderator neogrey
    Nov 16th, 2008 / quote / 87.97.*.5*
    Yes, your Majesty - I'm well aware why you did it that way. Yet the way that Abstract Fonts displays found results are rather ...busy and not very obvious for the average user. Isn't there such referral service of
    site moderator koeiekat
    Nov 16th, 2008 / quote / 193.152.*.1*
    Imho, Ivan, the answer Swallow gave was clear. There is a link and the name is given.

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