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    where the sidewalk ends font?
    Feb 27th, 2008 / quote / 75.14.*.1*
    uploaded image
    does anyone know if there's a font that matches the cover to "where the sidewalk ends"?

    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    Feb 27th, 2008 / quote / 91.142.*.1*
    Try Bookman Complete as a digitized version of predigital bookman w/ swash
    Feb 27th, 2008 / quote / 75.14.*.1*
    thanks...good lord that's expensive!
    Feb 29th, 2008 / quote / 75.14.*.1*
    i'm referring to the "where the sidewalk ends" text.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Mar 1st, 2008 / quote / 81.39.*.3*
    This is not the/a Bookman. And financially seen that is the good news, The bad news is that I can not find this thing. Apart from the swashes, it floats somewhere in between a Garamond (likely a URW one), a Cushing and even Century Old Style (specially the s), all manually slanted, and none matches.
    This is a bad day.
    Mar 1st, 2008 / quote / 75.14.*.1*
    thanks for you input
    Aug 5th, 2009 / quote / 96.234.*.1*
    There is a good chance that you will not find the exact font. Designers and Illustrators like Shel took the time to modify font designs to accommodate their own book design. You may find the font for the copy inside the book but the Title on the front cover was most definitely modified.

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