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    Where can I download this "Kitty" font?
    Feb 20th, 2008 / quote / 203.192.*.6*
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    Please tell me where can I download this "Kitty" font? I asked the Anne Geddes website customer support for the Font Type and they said it was "Kitty". However, I tried searching for it but I can't find any site where I can download it. Thanks.
    site moderator neogrey
    Feb 21st, 2008 / quote / 213.91.*.2*
    If you're not into EXACTLY the same font I would suggest you to browse Rob Leuschke works
    site moderator neogrey
    Feb 27th, 2008 / quote / 213.91.*.2*
    Could also try this one: Mary Helen JF. Not an exact match.

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