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    Please Help Me ID this font
    Aug 2nd, 2007 / quote / 84.9.*.1*
    uploaded image
    Can someone tell me what the font used for the red text is called? It seems to be used in most of these old boxing posters. The capital 'R' led me to helvetica. Helvetica however, even when stretched doesn't produce the same 'S'. Also the capital 'C' in helvetica is rounded all the way, rather than at the top and bottom (staying fully vertical in the middle). Any help is much appreciated.
    site moderator neogrey
    Aug 3rd, 2007 / quote / 213.91.*.1*
    Aug 4th, 2007 / quote / 84.9.*.1*
    Wow! Thanks for such a detailed response. I'll get to work on these. Once again, much appreciated.

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