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    does anyone know this font?
    Jul 20th, 2007 / quote / 189.25.*.8*
    uploaded image
    does anyone know this font? itīs similar to Condui t ITC but itīs a little more rounded ... for those who doesnt know, itīs the logo of the Pan American games that is happening now in rio de Janeiro. thank you
    site moderator neogrey
    Jul 21st, 2007 / quote / 87.97.*.1*
    Looks almost exactly like Monotype Neo Tech Alt Medium - with a custom "7". It's so called "new Intel font"
    Mar 29th, 2010 / quote / 187.111.*.2*
    Toni and Neogrey, I've spoken with the Brazilian Olympic Committee, they've answered me, telling that of clear that it's really Conduit ITC, only that they drew the font with Corel Draw Graphic Suite, imitating the font Neo Sans

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