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    Please help identify this beautiful font
    Dec 31st, 2006 / quote / 64.175.*.5*
    uploaded image
    Any idea what this font is? Thank you
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 1st, 2007 / quote / 83.46.*.1*
    OK for one time a fraktur just because the Swallow is on holidays.

    I know of 2 that give the same impression but they are certainly not a perfect match. The first one is the 66, Copyright 1994 COSMI, which has different capitals but is almost a perfect match for the lowercase. The second one is the Carol which is a Classic Font Company font with capitals that are more similar as your sample - but still not as ornamental - but with a different lowercase charset.

    I'll see whether I can find a better match based on the 66 lowercase chars.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 1st, 2007 / quote / 83.46.*.1*
    Found two that are the same as 66, but with a slightly more ornamental capital I. The Uechi Gothic - also known as the Chool Gothic -, or if you need the full character set the UechiGotisch) ?Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2000. All rights reserved. Designed by David Rakowski, 1992. Full character set added by Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal.) ?1992 by D. Rakowski and an identical one to that, the DrPoDecorRu, ?1989 Alan N. Po, Ph.D.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 1st, 2007 / quote / 88.3.*.2*
    The solution to this fraktur question is, that it is a conbination of the Dutch Initials for the capitals and Uechi Gothic (or whatever name it may have been given) for the lower case.

    Happy New Year.
    Jan 1st, 2007 / quote / 75.0.*.3*
    Wow thanks for being nice to me

    And thank you for the help! Happy new year.
    Jan 1st, 2007 / quote / 75.0.*.3*
    You are pro by the way
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    Jan 4th, 2007 / quote / 80.120.*.9*
    Yepp, she is our pro. And there is Mr. Mc Gee not to forget and Ivan, too, and of course Alex. And some I have forgotten over the holidays, sorry.

    Back to the topic:

    Just want to add for the flourish initials some similar looking ones:

    Ayres Royal from Wiescher.

    or Rothenburg or Ruritania which are discussed at this thread.

    Humm, back to holiday-mode ...
    Feb 23rd, 2007 / quote / 152.163.*.7*
    It's Parchment - available in Word!
    site moderator koeiekat
    Feb 23rd, 2007 / quote / 88.3.*.1*
    Maybe you should apply for a membership of the girlswhowareglasses society?

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