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    Dec 14th, 2006 / quote / 72.26.*.2*
    uploaded image
    I've been trying to find a font that looks very close to the one shown on Explosions in the Sky's website ( ). Does anyone know any (very) similar fonts?
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    Dec 14th, 2006 / quote / 91.142.*.1*
    That's almost certainly handwritten, none of the reapeating letters are the same. Similars you can choose from the Handwriting-Department
    Dec 14th, 2006 / quote / 72.26.*.2*
    I noticed it was handwritten. I should have mentioned that I've already looked through the handwriting section and I didn't really find anything similar. Thank you for your quick reply though. I did find a really nice looking handwriting font on another site, but alas it's not free. It's called Felt Tip Senior.

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