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    Please identify. =) Pretty please
    Oct 30th, 2006 / quote / 74.96.*.2*
    Hi. Can someone please help me identify the font used in this invitiation card as seen here:
    I don't mean the handwriting/script but rather the print/simple font. I dont know what to call it. Sorry. can someone help me please? thank you!
    Oct 30th, 2006 / quote / 203.145.*.4*
    hahaa.. i know i saw sumwhere those fonts... try --------------------------------------------- A big Fan of !
    Oct 30th, 2006 / quote / 66.75.*.1*
    first glance i thought it was Copperplate Gothic Light (usually included with all win comps).. but i know they have those lines at the ends. i think there's another gothic font called Sackers Gothic.

    if anyone wanted to know the script font, its font called Carpenter.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Oct 31st, 2006 / quote / 88.16.*.1*
    Close Jay, the Sackers Gothic. Very close. But just out of reach of the sigar box. Look a t the 1 and also the capital R. I think your first guess was better. TheWebPatch sort of gives it away: ยท Combination lettering CPG/CPT , CPT is Carpenter and CPG is Copperplate Gothic. The big question is which one. There used to be a Copperplate Gothic Sans around but I cant find that one anymore. There is the ITC Blair but that one runs far too wide.
    So also no sigar for me. Maybe someone else has the answer. Who knows ...

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