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    similar fonts to bernard mt condensed
    Jul 21st, 2006 / quote / 70.44.*.4*

    I'm looking bernard mt condensed for free or a similar font. Can anyone help me out?

    site moderator Heron2001
    Jul 26th, 2006 / quote / 64.203.*.1*
    Wish I could help you. It is a pretty disctinctive face - some manufacturers call it Bernhard Bold Condensed other Bernhard Antique Condensed - but sorry, all of them are commercial fonts, and I really never did see any shareware similar...
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    Jul 26th, 2006 / quote / 80.120.*.9*
    Well, Tami, I wasn't sure to post it here as the font Bernie looks at the first glance like an illegal clone of Bernhard condensed. But then I had a short discussion with Heron2001 and she made a closer look to this font. Quote: "Bernie is a font that someone scanned into a font program - and never cleaned up. The O and B are really funny - so many extra points that in small type, the holes look
    filled in... This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for - and Big Jack didn't seem to want to pay for the font..." The most important thing comes in the end: "that font is so poorly made, she will get what she needs from it... headaches." (Feel free to edit or erase this, Jackie, if you want to)
    So it's up to you, Tami, if you want to use the real one or a badly drawn and probably troublemaker-at-print-font.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jul 27th, 2006 / quote / 213.169.*.9*
    There seems to be some confusion here between Bernard MT and Bernhard - in whatever face . The BernHards [notice capital H] do have some similarity with the Bernard but that is where it stops. So far I have found nothing similar to Bernard MT.
    Dec 16th, 2008 / quote / 219.93.*.3*
    Email me to get the font.tQ

    Edit kk;
    Made the email address unusable - both for asking for the font and to prevent mail tracking bots to get your address.
    site moderator Heron2001
    Dec 16th, 2008 / quote / 64.203.*.1*
    We do not give away copyrighted files for free. Please refrain from letting people know where "free downloads" are. It is frowned upon and not open for discussion. Thank you.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Dec 16th, 2008 / quote / 79.151.*.2*
    Hi Jackie,how are you?
    site moderator Heron2001
    Dec 16th, 2008 / quote / 64.203.*.1*
    Been better. I had a spill in July - and well, I'm just not up to speed.

    How have you been? And what's with the insect - LOL?

    Merry Christmas to you...
    site moderator koeiekat
    Dec 16th, 2008 / quote / 79.151.*.2*
    Poor you, half a year - if only Newton hadn't made that law ... Here all fine except we lost 2 cats and it is far too cold, imagine snow here ...

    Little ant is trying to find it's way out of font addiction ... no success so far ...

    Happy christmas too
    Nov 6th, 2009 / quote / 58.111.*.4*
    I used to have the same problem, but it's quite easy to resolve by extracting fonts from pdfs you need to edit. Follow these steps:

    1) Download fontforge to mingw (

    2) Extract fontforge and run the fontforge batch file

    3) Open your pdf that you need to extract the font from and then choose the font you need (beware that sometimes limited characters are available)

    4) In the menu choose Element -> Font Info

    5) Ensure that the font name, family name and human name all match the name of the font in the original pdf document (done by selecting File -> Properties in Acrobat) - please note if the font is copyright (don't use fonts illegally)

    6) In fontforge, generate the font as a truetype (matching original font in pdf) and save to a place where you can easily find it

    7) Copy the font file to your windows\fonts\ folder, and you should be able to use the font after this

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