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    site moderator koeiekat
    Aug 23rd, 2005 / quote /
    Bad luck, Duder. Can't remember I ever saw it. 'What the font' has no idea. Fontexpert has no clue and Fontmatcher says "so sorry".

    Now, if a match against some 50,000 typefaces gives no result even I am getting curious. Anyone?
    site moderator alex
    Aug 24th, 2005 / quote /
    im about 80% sure i saw it around here somewhere... probably uncategorized so the only way is to look in "A to Z", if you have spare time...
    site moderator koeiekat
    Aug 26th, 2005 / quote /
    It's the cropograph.


    This font was created in 1998 by Virgiliu Pop, LicIur, LLM, inspired by the crop circles phenomenon. It should not be confused with the "cropbats" font; CROPOGRAPH is a letter and figures font.
    CROPOGRAPH is the first font in the VERGILIUS series; others will follow, depending on the success of the CROPOGRAPH.
    CROPOGRAPH is a font very suitable to any "alien-looking" webpage, or magazine.

    The font is kindware - five (5) US dollars (US$) are kindly asked from any user, but I accept more, depending of how kind you are. Of course, I do not expect you to put me in your will. Please note that for more serious uses (as for example movie titles) contacting the author for bigger rates is required.
    I'll list the reasons why I ask for some money:
    Well, I am a poor... lawyer. I am from Romania, where the average salary is about 100 $ per month. One cannot live with this sallary; I don't have even half of it per month, even if I obtained my LLM degree abroad (I had a scholarship for this). With 100 $, one can buy in Romania 1000 eggs, or 200 breads (I think). Because of financial reasons, I was unable to accept several PhD admission offers. Needless to say that I do not have a home of mine, and I live with my parents, eating their food.
    Then, I begun making fonts... I do hope that this hobby of mine will help me live a little better or buy a computer (I do not have one...).

    Please, feel free to distribute the font (I even kindly ask you), but only in the zip form. However, if you want to distribute the font as part of a CD you sell, please ask for my permission.

    Money are expected, cash, at:

    Virgiliu Pop
    LicIur, LLM
    Str. Andrei Saguna
    Bl.U2, Sc.A, Ap.3
    Timisoara 1900

    For any reasons (for example for announcing me that you'll send me some money, or for saying: "whatta kinda font ye made, man", use my e-mail address:

    The author makes no guarantee about the viablity and usability of
    this font and is not responsible for any damages related to the
    the use.

    All rights reserved
    Copyright 1998, Virgiliu Pop

    Once on sites like fontuniverse, funsite24 and baydragoons. Not here on Abstractfonts (Alex, how come?). But can still be googled:
    site moderator alex
    Aug 29th, 2005 / quote /
    those poor lawyers, they never get the happy middle...

    font added...

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